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MIUI 13: Find out which version you have and how to update it!

Hello friends! The rollout of MIUI 13 continues and is starting to reach phones in different regions. If you are a Xiaomi, POCO, or Redmi phone user and have not been keeping up with the updates, you may not know what is the current version of MIUI you have installed on your device. Knowing which version you have installed will help you estimate when you will receive MIUI 13. It will also be useful to update manually much earlier instead of waiting for the OTA update. Therefore, in this post, we will show you how to find out which version of MIUI 13 you have and how to update it.

What do the MIUI version letters mean?

MIUI versions are composed of numbers and letters. The letters are usually more important as this tells us what version of Android the version we have installed is based on, for which mobile device it is intended, which region it is intended for, and from which developer it comes from.

The first letter indicates the Android version on which the ROM is based. For example, “S” means that we are dealing with Android version 12, “R” corresponds to Android Red Velvet Cake, “L” with Android Lollipop, and so on.

Android 12 MIUI 13
Android 12

Right after that, you will find the second and third letters that refer to which phone this version is intended for. Each device corresponds to a different set of letters, for example, a Poco X3 Pro corresponds to the letters “JU”, a Xiaomi Mi 11 corresponds to the letters “KB”, a Mi 10 to the letters “JB” or a Xiaomi Mi MIX 3 5G to the letters “EM”.

Poco X3 Pro Miui 13
Poco X3 Pro
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Then when checking the fourth and fifth letters of the MIUI version, these correspond to the region that each ROM is targeted towards. There are several different regions in which this type of software is released.

  • MI: Global
  • EU: European
  • CN: China
  • RU: Russian
  • ID: Indonesia
  • MX: Mexico
  • IN: India
  • TK: Turkey
  • TW: Taiwan
Global version MIUI 13
Global version

Finally, the sixth and seventh letters correspond to the developer who has made the version in question. The most common is to find the letters “XM” that would correspond to a ROM developed by Xiaomi itself, but we can also find different letters that would correspond to a ROM customized by a phone carrier.

Developer Xiaomi MIUI 13
Developer Xiaomi

How to install the Global ROM of MIUI 13 on a phone with a different region

Luckily, it is possible to install the Global Region ROM if you have a phone with a different region as is the European. It is a fairly simple process that involves making the installer believe that we you installing the latest version available for your region by replacing the file with the MIUI 13 before starting the installation. In addition, it is recommended that before starting this process you make a backup of all your data.

First step

Download and install MIUI Downloader by following the link below:

Google Play | MIUI Downloader

Second step

Then open MIUI Downloader and tap the “Your device” option.

MIUI 13 Downloader
MIUI Downloader

Third step

After that, select “MIUI stable”. You will then see highlighted in orange the latest version of MIUI 12 that corresponds to your device, then select the latest version for your device and tap the download button. Also, remember to download the Global version of MIUI 13.

MIUI 13 stable
MIUI stable
Global Stable
Global Stable

Fourth step

Once the update download is finished, go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version. Then tap five times on the MIUI logo until the “additional update features” are activated.

go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version
Go to Settings>About phone>MIUI version

Fifth step

Then tap the three dots located at the top right corner and tap the “choose update package” option. Next, go to downloads and choose the latest MIUI 12 ROM for your device. Tap accept until the “Reboot and update” message appears. At that point go to the downloads folder and rename the MIUI 13 file to MIUI 12, as seen in the image.

tap the "choose update package" optiontap the "choose update package" option
Tap the “choose update package” option
choose the latest MIUI 12 ROM for your device
Choose the latest MIUI 12 ROM for your device
Tap accept until the "Reboot and install" message appears
Tap accept until the “Reboot and update” message appears
rename the MIUI 13 file to MIUI 12
Rename the MIUI 13 file to MIUI 12
rename the MIUI 13 file to MIUI 12
Rename the MIUI 13 file to MIUI 12

Sixth step

Finally, go back to the installer and now tap the “Reboot and install” button. If all goes well it should install without any problem and you will have MIUI 13 Global on your device. We also recommend doing a factory reset to fix bugs and have a cleaner update. Enjoy!

tap the "Reboot and install" button
Tap the “Reboot and update” button


This way it is quite easy to change the region without having to unlock the Bootloader and flash via Fastboot. It is best to have the Global ROM receive updates earlier. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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