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Looking for an e-book reader for GNU/LINUX? Bookworn is here

There are still people who like to read e-books from their pc because they are comfortable with it because the font size can be bigger, or simply because they want to.

Within GNU/LINUX we have a veteran program like Calibre that has already positioned itself as a reference in the field of e-books, but is not properly an Epubs reader.

Simplicity to read E-book

Simplicity is in fashion, that paradigm of clean interfaces but without removing functionality, I like it. Bookworm also joins this model of graphical interfaces, introducing itself like ” A simple, focused eBook reader “. It was originally intended to be used only in Elementary OS but due to community contributions, its use was extended to other distributions.

Some of its features are:

  • Supports the following formats: Epub, Pdf, MOBI, cbr and cbz.
  • Toggle between a grid view and a list view for the library.
  • Filtering using the search bar in the library view
  • Full screen mode is supported
  • Multiple pages of the book can be bookmarked
  • Three reading profiles of light, sepia and dark
  • Possibility to customize the font size

Installing Bookworm is easy thanks to Flatpak

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Bookworn is an open source project and therefore we can install it from its sources, as well as from your Github website, but we can install it on any GNU/LINUX distribution that supports flatpak.

In order not to make the matter complicated, we can say that Flatpak is a technology that allows applications to run in a kind of sandbox isolating it from the system in general. The main advantage of this is that you can install a program with all its dependencies on any GNU/LINUX distribution that supports Flatpak. Then our first step will be to install flatpak:

Debian, Ubuntu or derivates:

           sudo apt install flatpak

Arch Linux and derivates

          sudo pacman -S flatpak

Solus OS:

          sudo eopkg install flatpak xdg-desktop-portal-gtk

And OpenSuse:

         sudo zypper in flatpak

Note: Some distributions like Fedora and Linux Mint, Flatpak is already installed.

1.- Installing Flatpak
1.- Installing Flatpak

Once installed flatpak, proceed to install it with the command (Not root user):

           flatpak install –from https://flathub.org/repo/appstream/com.github.babluboy.bookworm.flatpakref

2.-Installing Bookworm
2.-Installing Bookworm

3.- Installing Bookworm
3.- Installing Bookworm

During the download and installation of Bookworm, the super user password will be requested several times.

Once the process is finished, we can run it from our applications menu.

4.- Bookworm
4.- Bookworm

As we can see, since we don’t have an e-book in our home folder, the program asks us to add some. After adding some that I had available, it looks like this:

5.- Added books
5.- Added books

We can also change the view of our library

6.- List of books
6.- List of books

Here the options window, highlighting the possibility of switching to night mode and the font.

7.- Settings
7.- Settings

When you click on one of the e-books, it immediately displays its content.

8.- Displaying content
8.- Displaying content

Reading is very important, so much so that it is a fundamental process of learning and thanks to the Internet we can obtain many works in a few clicks and at a reasonable price; but a suitable program would be needed to be able to enjoy reading. Bookworm emerges as a valid and simple alternative to read comfortably from our e-books.

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