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Lofi cafe is a nice online Lo-Fi music player.

Hello! Many people like to listen to music while doing their daily activities. Indeed, I personally listen to all kinds of music for work and leisure as well. However, not everyone enjoys these habits. For some, the need to concentrate is greater. However, there is one type of music that is very good for this. We are talking about the Lo-Fi genre. Because it is a little instructive music, without lyrics and generally quite relaxing. On YouTube, there are radio channels that broadcast this type of music. Moreover, it has intensified with the presence of the pandemic. Therefore, the appearance of sites like lofi.cafe is not surprising. A site to reproduce lo-fi music almost infinitely. Read on to learn more about lofi cafe, a nice online lo-fi music player.

Lofi cafe is much more than a music player, it is online.

Seriously, lofi cafe is pretty cool. However, its operation is very simple. In effect, it fetches music from other Lo-Fi YouTube channels. Moreover, it plays it over simple and funny animations. You can use the web as full screen or pin it to the taskbar. You don’t even need to use the mouse. All controls are managed with the keyboard. We can pause or resume playback with the space bar. In addition to a change station with the direction arrows. It is even possible to change the gif by pressing the G key.

Lofi cafe is an excellent lo-fi online music player.

But there is more. For there is a low power mode. Which simply removes the text colors and leaves everything blank. In addition, it includes a very interesting function. And it is that when you click on the clock icon, a Pomodoro clock appears. That is a timer of 25/5 minutes to work and relax according to the famous productivity technique. This site is the work of Fabrizio Rinaldi and Marianna Di Vito, two programmers who launched lofi cafe as their first project. More radio stations are expected to be added in the future. They will also start translating the site into other languages. Anyway, we have introduced you to Lofi cafe, a nice online lo-fi music player. See you soon!

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