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LibreOffice Alternatives for Linux Users

If you’re a Linux user, then LibreOffice is one of the most obvious choices. LibreOffice is one of the best Office suite available in the market. It’s open-source, free and powerful enough to run everyday tasks pretty smoothly. Because of its availability, LibreOffice is pretty much the toughest competitor with Microsoft Office.

However, there are also other office suites on the market that are quite competitive and powerful enough. In some cases, they even excel LibreOffice. Above all, it’s a good practice to change the taste once in a while to keep the mind fresh. If you’re looking for an alternative to LibreOffice, feel free to test them out!

  • WPS Office

WPS Office Writer

WPS Office Presentation

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WPS Office Spreadsheets

In this list, WPS Office is the toughest competitor. It offers quite a performance and features that represents the power of freedom. It doesn’t contain all the powerful tools and other additional features provided by LibreOffice or MS Office, but it packs quite a power in such a short collection.

WPS Office consists of 3 apps – Writer (word processor), Spreadsheets and Presentation. These are the most useful essentials for everyday usage, right? WPS Office is quite compatible with MS Office, LibreOffice, Google Docs etc. Above all, it’s a free office suite! There’re Professional and Premium editions, but almost everything is covered up by the free option.

Get WPS Office!

  • Calligra Suite

Calligra Suite Words

Calligra Suite Sheets

This is a complete Office suite offered by the KDE Project. With the power and supported features, this Office suite is quite enough to make everything simple and smooth. It comes up with a handy collection of tools and features that will blow your mind away.

Alongside the essential Office tools, Calligra comes up with powerful alternatives to most of the MS Office tools. It includes Words, Tables (spreadsheet), Kexi (database management), Stage (presentation), Karbon (photo editor) and a lot more. Just like LibreOffice, each of them offers the best possible options for both normal and advanced users.

Just like LibreOffice, Calligra Suite is also open-source and free of charge. If you’re looking for a complete replacement of LibreOffice on your system, consider Calligra Suite as a good choice. Get Calligra Suite!

  • SoftMaker Office

If you’re looking for a free alternative to LibreOffice that works perfectly with MS Office, SoftMaker Office is a really good choice. In the world, MS Office has made a strong branding. With the latest versions, the file formats have changed for further improvement. For example, DOCX, XLSX etc. Whenever you use them in LibreOffice, they get imported that works just fine.

However, in some cases, the design of the original file gets disturbed and creates an awful look. SoftMaker Office is the perfect solution for compatibility. If you’re working around MS Office user(s), this is a good relief of all the issues. Moreover, there are also other features that are quite similar to MS Office! There’s also a Thunderbird extension for integrating SoftMaker Office. However, it’s not so good if you consider the price. SoftMaker Office is a paid software with a limited time trial edition.

Get SoftMaker Office!

Just like the office suite, you may try out the best Linux distros of 2018, to have a fresh feel. Don’t worry; you can try them out before making the switch.

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