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Learn how to control the volume of Windows using the mouse wheel.

Hi! Windows recently celebrated its 35th anniversary. Therefore, it is one of the longest lasting and most used systems currently. On the other hand, Microsoft is usually very closed with most of the aspects of the system. For example, some controls are handled traditionally. Particularly, as for the volume control, this is done strictly from the task bar. Or by opening the sound application. So today we will try a different approach. In fact, I will show you how to control the volume of Windows using the mouse wheel.

A portable, free and open source tool.

I must confess that GNU/Linux has some very interesting things. Beyond security and stability, there are aesthetic and functional elements. For example, in many distributions it is possible to control the volume of the system using the mouse wheel. This is something that neither Windows nor macOS allows. In fact, the way in Windows is somewhat old-fashioned since you have to click on an icon and then drag a scroll bar. Well, if you want to try this function just use TbVolScroll.

How to control the volume of Windows using the mouse wheel.

This is a simple, free, open source, portable utility. That is, there is no need to install anything. Just download and run the installer to start using the tool. Its operation is very simple. Since it fulfills what it promises. You only need to pass the mouse over the icon in the taskbar to control the volume with the mouse wheel. In effect, when you run the tool, a red icon will appear on the taskbar. This allows you to control the Windows master volume using the mouse wheel. By default, the volume level goes down or up by 5%. However, pressing the Alt key refines the accuracy. In other words, the value is changed by 1%.

It is also possible to enter the options of the app. To do this, just click on the icon. Some options are to define exactly the percentage of volume increase either normal or precision. Additionally, it is possible to customize the volume bar that appears when we adjust the volume. Well, we have finally learned how to control the volume of Windows using the mouse wheel. A small but very interesting addition to our operating system. All right, that’s it for now. Cheers!

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