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Learn how a Firefox add-on can modify the appearance of a website.

Hello! When browsing our favorite websites, it is possible that not all of them have an attractive design. In fact, this can be crucial when you visit it. A website might have the exact content we are looking for. However, it can be difficult to navigate it. Most of all, if it has a sloppy design or loaded with elements that hinder our navigation. Mozilla Firefox is a very complete browser. If we are using it, we can modify the appearance of a website. With this intention, it is necessary to resort to a Firefox add-on. Stay reading to learn how to change the look of any website with these Firefox add-ons.

Add-ons to change the appearance of a website

Next, we are going to see different add-ons for Firefox. These allow you to change and customize the appearance with which web pages are displayed in the Mozilla browser.

Stylebot, modify the code of any website

If we are looking to make a web image change, this add-on allows us to modify the code of a website. It also allows you to change some of its features such as font, text color, background color and text alignment. All this without the need for coding knowledge.

To achieve this, simply click on its icon in the toolbar. As a result, a sidebar will appear, from which you can select the element of the website you want to change. It can be the title, the body of the text, among others, to modify it. If, in addition, we know its CSS we can change its code and enable its Readability mode that allows us to reduce the website to its most basic elements. We can also apply light, dark and sepia themes, adjust the font, text width or line height.

Stylus, install themes or create your own style for a website

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This add-on is a community-driven style manager. Its main function is to redesign our favorite websites. So, it allows you to easily install custom themes from popular online repositories. It is also possible to create, edit and manage our custom CSS stylesheets. There are different themes to choose from. Even fun and random elements like a Nyan Cat progress bar for YouTube. To be honest, for that alone, it’s worth downloading this add-on.

Its user interface is highly customizable. So, it includes themes, optional layouts, icon and badge color options, along with many other settings. In addition, it has two different optional code validators with different rules that we can configure. On the downside, inexperienced users may find its interface a bit cluttered.

Tranquility Reader, improves the readability of a web interface

By using this Firefox add-on, we will be able to make web page interfaces more readable. With this intention, we will eliminate any element that may distract us while trying to read any element. However, always keeping the main image and the whole body of the text. On the other hand, the extension can be activated or deactivated quickly with the click of a button. In addition, without having to refresh the page.

Features include NoScript support. It also allows you to save the content of the page so that it is available offline. It also can export and import the content offline. Not only that, but it also allows us to customize the font, its size and color. Finally, it allows you to edit the background color and the width of the reading area of a website.

Improve YouTube, customize and change its entire look and feel

As we can imagine from its name, this Firefox add-on allows us to modify a large part of the interface of the streaming video platform. Indeed, we can customize from the color of the player to the side of the screen where the list of recommended videos are displayed. In addition, It has more than 85 unique and useful features to enhance the appearance of YouTube. So, we will be able to configure the video player, the theme, the design, and style of the platform.

Its main advantage is that it is an intuitive and easy to use add-on. In fact, just by clicking on its button we will have access to the Player, Themes and Appearance categories. From there, you can select the elements to modify by simply activating and deactivating any lever or slider. As you can see, it can be used by all types of users.

Stylish, style manager and editor for any website

Through the use of this Firefox add-on, we will be able to apply different styles to the web pages we want. In effect, this is a style manager and editor, especially oriented to users who know CSS. In addition, who wish to dare to create their own customization layers to change the style of a website. Undoubtedly improving in this way our browsing experience.

It has an online repository, so you don’t need to know how to write styles. In fact, we will only need a couple of clicks to give a website the desired style. However, its main drawback is that many users warn that it has spyware to record the history of our web browsing.

Firefox add-on to darken a website

Occasionally, we don’t want to drastically change the look of a website. In fact, it is also possible to turn it to a darker mode. In that case, these Firefox add-ons are for you.

AutomaticDark, change Firefox theme according to the time of day

This is an extension with an elementary and useful function. With this tool we will be able to change the Firefox theme depending on the time of day. Therefore, both the browser and the content we are viewing will darken according to the time of day. To accomplish this, we can share our location with AutomaticDark. Consequently, the add-on will automatically determine the perfect time for the change. However, if we are concerned about our privacy, we can also set the sunrise and sunset times manually.

Certainly, dark mode is something that has been with us for a while. However, what really sets this add-on apart is that we don’t necessarily have to choose a dark mode. In fact, there are 21 themes to select from, including the default Firefox ones. While this does not affect the content of the website, it does help to protect our eyesight from the strain.

Turn Off the Lights, dims a page when watching a video

This Firefox add-on allows us to completely darken any page. This way, we will be able to watch any video as if we were in the cinema. It is compatible with the main streaming video reproduction websites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu, Twitch, Dailymotion, among others.

A simple click on its button is all it takes for the page to start degrading until it goes completely dark. As a result, we can comfortably focus on the video. By simply clicking on its button again, the page will return to normal. The extension automatically plays the videos in HD, allowing us to change the resolution up to 8K.

Dark Reader, adjusts brightness and contrast when visiting a website

We are talking about a free and open-source Firefox add-on, with which it is possible to set a dark theme for any website. With this in mind, it inverts bright colors, making them contrasting and easy to read in low light situations. For example, at night.

The extension allows you to adjust both brightness and contrast. In addition, we can use a sepia filter, a dark mode, as well as configure the fonts. Additionally, it does not display advertising and does not collect or send user information. Its main drawback is that its use can cause the browser to slow down frequently on certain web pages. Bye!

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