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Keep Your Brain Young & Ticking With These Android Games

With a barrage of content and information available for consumption, you might find it difficult to recall things happening to you. You may find that your ability to recall is shortening, and you forget things. If this frequently happens with you, it is time to sharpen the ax, and some fun Android games can help you with it. Install these games on your device before your memory goes dull and beyond repair.


KAMI 2 is a great game for individuals who enjoy solving puzzles. It is one of the craftiest mind games available for Android devices. There are more than 100 hand-shaped problems, and the game promises to take players on a mind-meandering journey. Solving levels through logic and implementing your problem-solving skills would be best.

The game can be downloaded for free, and the brainteasers keep you engaged for hours. You need to solve a sequence of triangles, and with each step, the levels get more challenging. You have to exercise your mind to get to the answer continuously.

Spider Solitaire

The card game Spider Solitaire appears deceivingly simple, but it requires immense skills to assemble the cards. The objective is to arrange the cards in ascending order, and depending on whether you are playing one-suit, two-suit or three-suit, you have to match the color and the suit.

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One-suit is the most popular version of Spider Solitaire on mobile. Each match session lasts three to five minutes, and you can compete against online players or your friends. To arrange the cards, you need to implement strategies and tactics. For instance, you need to utilize the blank columns as temporary storage places to arrange the cards and create a finished build. The finished build must be sent to the foundation deck to score points.

The game demands a lot of skills, and the more matches you play, the better you will get at solving problems. It is a mind-stimulating game that will give you the required mental workout to stay alert and sharp.


Accomplish your mind teaching goals by playing BrainHQ. The gaming app is perfect for exercising and stimulating your brain as you progress through levels. You can consider this app as a private instructor for your mind. You can train for five minutes a day whenever you are free, or you can indulge in comprehensive training for an hour. The game can be downloaded for free and consists of a basic set of exercises that will keep you alert.

This gaming app’s real-world capabilities are mind-blowing and will help you recall your day. The exercises can be tailored to suit your specific mental requirements.

Brain It On!

Brain It On! is a physics puzzle game, and if you love challenging yourself with friction and laws of motion, you will love this game. When you play this game, your brain cells and your gray matter will be tested on your mobile screen. The app’s puzzles fit the minds of Einstein, Planck and Newton. The goal is straightforward, and you need to cross several puzzles and challenges using your physics knowledge.

With each level, you will face new challenges, and there are possibly more ways than one to solve a level. You have to make your imagination run wild when solving the challenges. When you accomplish the challenge, the app will reward you with stars.

There are a hundred different levels that you need to cross, and these levels will stimulate your mind. It will provide your brain with a much-needed workout. Some levels tilt the shape to the right, making the ball hit the left wall, tipping the glass onto the ground, etc. At every level, you have to brainstorm and come up with the right solution.


Another great game if you wish to enhance your concentration, mental agility and attentiveness. The game is also known to expand one’s writing and reading abilities. If you play this game for a few minutes in a week or day, it can help reduce the chances of any spelling mistakes, and you will be able to read faster. Also, you can clearly understand the content. It is the training program you need to speed up your mind and jog your memory.

In the app, you will come across more than thirty-five interesting games that demand players to brainstorm and come up with the right solutions. It will boost your precision and cognitive skills. You can track your progress and learn about your shortcomings. Your engagement will improve, and you can indulge in customized training events that will give you a feel of a personal trainer for your brain. So, you need to download and install this game to give your brain the best mental workout you can get.

The Bottom Line

Your mind must remain sharp and alert at all times so you can improve the quality of your life. You must get the much-needed mental workout through different activities, such as meditation and yoga. But if you also want to be engaged and entertained, you can turn to amazing Android gaming apps, as mentioned above. These apps will provide you with the excitement you need, along with mental stimulation.

These apps are free to download and with them on your device, you can always count on your phone for entertainment and mental workout. Some of the games can even help keep your competitive spirit alive.

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