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KDE Plasma 5.19 available

KDE Plasma 5.19 has been released and although it does not incorporate many new features, it focuses on the main thing which is the user experience. According to the developers “The effort developers have put into squashing bugs and removing annoying papercuts has been immense. So, let’s see what this new version brings.

KDE Plasma 5.19 features

As I said, this version focuses on giving more consistency to the desktop and polishing bugs. First of all, we have a new wallpaper that is one of the best they have released since KDE. And to further polish the system, they have improved the desktop widgets as well as the notification widgets.

System Tray on KDE Plasma 5.19

Also, there is a completely new collection of photographic avatars to choose from when setting up your user.

Completely New User Avatars for KDE Plasma 5.19

On the other hand, the integration with GTK2 / GTK3 applications has improved so you will now see much better. “GTK3 apps immediately apply a newly selected color scheme, GTK2 apps no longer have broken colors,” say the developers.

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In addition to this, the system font size has been increased from 9 to 10. This is welcome because it makes the text even easier to read. Although you can always change this from the system settings.

The System monitor widgets have all been rewritten from scratch and Sticky notes get several usability improvements. So now they are better and more eye-catching.

New features

Other Features….

KSysGuard now supports GPUs with more than 12 cores. Also, the Info Center gains a feature that lets you see information about your graphics hardware. These two new features, while seemingly unimportant, add even more consistency to a desktop environment.

In the System Settings section, with KDE Plasma 5.19 comes new mouse and touchpad settings if you use Wayland. Also, the look and feel of the tool has been improved by adding small improvements to the fonts.

Info Center has been improved

So, if you want to know, even more, check out the release notes. Also, take a look at the KDE Plasma website to find out more.

Finally, here’s a video presented by the development team with a summary of what’s new.

kDE Plasma 5.19 is Available

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