Install Vagrant in Ubuntu 18/Mint 19


Vagrant is an very strong open source command line tool for building and managing virtual machine environments. Vagrant can provision machines on top of VirtualBox, Hyper-V and Docker. Vagrna propose paid plugin solution for Libvirt (KVM), VMware and AWS. i wish to  show  in this tutorial how to use Vagrant with Virtualbox.

1- Install  Virtualbox in Ubuntu 18 of Mint 19

there is an easy way to install virtualbox without adding new PPA repos of adding new sources to source.lis file

just do

For GUI  interface to manage the guests do


You can reboot and check if everything is Ok.

2-Install   Vagrant

2-1-Check Vagrant installed version

3-Lets  Start with Vagrant .

We can create an separated directory for projects like /home/projects

Here is the link to discover all  Vagrant Boxes

4-Vagrant  options

To see  all about Vagrant  options. just type vagrant comand.

5-Let’s try archlinux 


this will download the condif  file to  /home/projects/archlinux called  Vagrantfile . you can edit the file for a specific  settings   . else  just   start  the with standard configuration

Connect to Vagrant Virtual Machine

because of the  ssh generated  keys, you can login to the vagrant box  without password, just do :

To Stop the virtual machine

Destro the Virtual machine  with vagrant destroy

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