Install and configure Docker in Suse Entreprise and Openssuse 15


Whats is Docker ? Wikipedia says Docker is a computer program that performs operating-system-level virtualization, also known as “containerization”.  first time released  2013 and is developed by Docker, Inc.

Docker is opensource project to automate deployment of applications using containers. the containers allow the developers to package the applications.  its also designed to deliver the applications faster and with docker you can separate the application from the infrastructure and tread your infra like a managed application

i will try to explain in this tutorial : Install and configure Docker in Suse Entreprise and Openssuse 15

I- Update your System

II-  Install  Docker in Opensuse / Suse Entreprise

you don’t need  any extra packages to install Docker , just with command  install docker

Enable and start Docker service:

How to user Docker

there is many command to use to manage you Dockers containers

Search Docker images

To find Dockers containers  you can command search .   ( centos/wordpress/ubuntu or others..  )


Download  latest  Centos container


check if the images is correctly downloaded

Lunch the container with the Centos image


to Exit and keep  the container running,  use the command CTRL  +P + Q

List The containers with command  docker ps

How to Start/Stop/ and Attach Container
You can start, stop or attach  any container with following commands.

First List the containers

sudo docker ps

To start container use  next command.

To stop container do

To attach to currently running container  do

example of  attaching my Archlinux Contianer


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