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How to use all RAM and processor in Windows 10

Hello! Windows 10 aims to achieve an ideal balance between software and hardware. In addition, in the latter category, several elements stand out. For example, the hard disk, the RAM memory, the processor, among others. Therefore, today we will see how to maximize these items. With this in mind, we will use the system’s own options. To make the PC make use of all the available RAM memory. In addition to making sure that all the processor cores are active at the same time. Which is not a very complicated process to do. However, it is necessary to take some precautions. Read on to find out how to use all the RAM memory and the processor in Windows 10.

Some previous considerations.

Both elements are configured to be used as needed. Moreover, this happens on a PC, tablet, mobile, or any other device. This behavior is also intended to increase the durability of the components. For example, it is illogical to activate all the cores of a processor to surf the Internet. Now, this in a desktop computer does not represent a major inconvenience. Apart from energy consumption. However, on a laptop, it is a different story. Since it depends on a battery, it is fundamental to the energetic balance. Therefore, it is only necessary to use all the power in specific cases.

On the other hand, before continuing, it is necessary to know the computer specifications. With this in mind follow the following path: Windows Settings>System>About.

Knowing the RAM memory and processor type in Windows 10
Knowing the RAM memory and processor type in Windows 10

This allows knowing the total RAM memory installed in the computer. In addition to the type and architecture of the processor.

Using all RAM and all processor cores in Windows 10.

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Now it is necessary to enter the system configuration. With this intention, you can search in the search box. Or simply run the appropriate command. To do this, press the Win+R combination. Then run msconfig.

Consequently, you will be redirected to the system configuration. Please click on the Startup tab. Once there, click on the Advanced Options button.

System Configuration>Boot>Advanced options
System Configuration>Boot>Advanced options

Now we will access the RAM and processor configuration. Please note that you must multiply the total RAM by 1024. This is in order to get the maximum value we can use. Therefore, you must add this value to the assigned box. On the other hand, if you don’t do it, the system will use the RAM it considers necessary.

Using the maximum RAM memory in Windows 10.
Using the maximum RAM memory in Windows 10.

Now it is time for the processor. Consequently, uncheck the Number of processors box. On the other hand, for the specific core usage, check the box and select the value.

Just save the changes. Ultimately, we have seen how to use all the RAM and the processor in Windows 10, which allows you to take full advantage of your computer’s potential. Or on the contrary, limit the use. See you later!

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