How to update your Freebsd system


FreeBSD system from 10 to 11 is one of the big releases. I gave a try yesterday in my home. I installed FreeBSD and here, I will show you to do this. FreeBSD is a cool system used mostly by teachers and scientists. Many people prefers BSD over Linux because of many points, but still not a good system for new computers and gamers because of missing new tools and drivers.

Please follow my steps bellow.

About my machine Now

Check the  Current version

Update this versions with with last patches

In the warning above, you see that my release was out of security  support from Dec 2017.

The latest release is 11.1. Let’s update to  this release.

Install the fetched patches

To install the downloaded upgrades, run


 The last command  log of “ freebsd-update upgrade -r 11.1-RELEASE” prompts executing “ freebsd-update install”:

Reboot your  machine and run gain freebsd-update install

check now the running FreeBSD version


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