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How to turn off Windows 10 from the keyboard

Hi, how are you? Shutting down the system is one of the most repeated tasks when using the PC. In fact, to save energy it is better to turn off the computer if you are not going to use it for a long time. Now, there are several methods to do this. Being the most classic to resort to the start button using the mouse. However, there are certain users who love to control the computer through the keyboard. In those cases, we resort to keyboard shortcuts. In fact, most programs have their own shortcuts. Windows 10 is no exception to this. Specifically, we will use the combination required to turn off the computer. So without further ado, let’s see how to shut down Windows 10 using the keyboard.

Using the keyboard to shut down Windows 10

Below we will detail the method for shutting down the computer using the keyboard. First, you have to hide all the active windows. With this intention, please press the Win+D combination. Once the windows are emptied, just press the combination Alt+F4 and the next window will be activated.

Pressing Alt+F4 will open this window-
Pressing Alt+F4 will open this window.

As you can see, the option to turn off is default. So you just have to enter OK to start the shutdown process.

Press OK to turn off the system
Press OK to turn off the system


With this simple method it is possible to turn off Windows 10 with the keyboard. The procedure is very useful for users who are used to working everything with the keyboard. Also, sometimes there is a problem with the mouse pointer. Or the mouse simply doesn’t work at all. In any case, it is always convenient to have different ways to turn off the computer. In today’s world, where energy consumption is constant. So it is very good to be able to turn off the computer when required. All right, that’s it for now. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about downloading the Windows 10 ISO without the Media Creation Tool. See you next time!

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