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How to share internet from Android to PC with a USB cable.

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Hi, how are you? Android devices offer more than just a smartphone. In fact, these devices offer a great number of functions, among them the ability to share the internet with a computer. This is a very interesting option for PCs that do not have Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. As mentioned, it is a reliable method that only needs a USB cable. On the other hand, it gives a more stable and secure connection. Additionally, it allows you to connect to those computers without Wi-Fi connectivity. For that reason, today we will see how to share internet from Android to a PC with a USB cable.

How to share the internet from Android with a USB cable.

Before starting the process it is necessary to have an Android device and its respective USB cable. On the other hand, this is a simple process. The hard part is getting the option in the system, and that each manufacturer adds its own layer of customization. But in general, the first thing you have to do is get into the settings. Once you’re there, you go to Connections and Sharing.

Go to connections and sharing.
Go to connections and sharing.

Then connect the USB cable to the phone and the computer. Wait a few moments while the device is recognized. Then activate the switch under USB tethering.

Activate USB Tethering
Activate USB Tethering

Please wait a moment while the connection is being set up. After a few moments, Windows will display the message about connection privacy. This shows that the network is working properly

Tip: Activate the metered use connection.

Assuming you are using a paid mobile connection, then the network is recommended as a metered usage connection. With this in mind, please press the Win+I combination to enter the Windows settings. Once there you will be directed to Network & Internet.

Enter Network & Internet
Enter Network & Internet

Then select Ethernet and once there, click on the connection.

Edit the network properties.
Edit the network properties.

Finally, select the switch to set the metered use connection.

Set the measured usage connection.
Set the measured usage connection.


Finally, we have seen how to share internet from Android to a PC with a USB cable. This method allows you to use older PCs without Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about how to move the mouse with the keyboard in Windows 10. Bye!

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