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How to set up a proxy in WhatsApp for Android

Hello folks! After 2022 loaded with new features on WhatsApp. Meta application has taken little time to launch its first new feature of the year. It is not one of the most anticipated new features of 2023. But it is an important function and especially to avoid censorship in some territories. And WhatsApp added proxy support as the first major new feature of the year. So in this post, we’ll show you how to set up a proxy in WhatsApp for Android. You just need to have the app updated and follow a few simple steps that we will discuss in this opportunity.

What is the point of having a proxy in WhatsApp?

Without going into too many technical details about what a proxy is. We can say that this is a server that acts as an intermediary between a client and another server. If we apply it to WhatsApp, it serves as an intermediate point between the WhatsApp server itself and you. Allowing in this way that there are no obstacles to the use of the application.

It is a fact that there are no banned words or similar censorship in WhatsApp. But some governments do prevent the use of this application. For this reason, WhatsApp has added this possibility of connection. For all those who are in a territory where they can not use the app normally.

This setting may be unnecessary if you live in countries where the use of WhatsApp is allowed. It can be extremely useful if you travel to a territory where it is blocked. After all, we cannot forget that it is one of the most popular messaging apps in the world.

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It is worth noting, as WhatsApp itself states on its website. This configuration does not contraindicate the encryption of chats. This way you can continue to use it securely and privately. The already-known end-to-end encryption that keeps the application on Android and iOS for several years now.

Steps to configure a proxy in WhatsApp

First of all, you must have the address of a proxy to add to the application. Once you have it, write it down or copy it to the clipboard so you can paste it later in the process:

First step

Open WhatsApp on your phone and press the three dots in the top right corner.

press the three dots in the top right corner
press the three dots in the top right corner

Second step

Then go into the Settings section.

Then go into the Settings section.
Then go into the Settings section.

Third step

After that, now tap on “Storage and data”.

tap on "Storage and data"
tap on “Storage and data”

Fourth step

Next, at the bottom of the whole thing, you need to click on Proxy Settings.

click on Proxy Settings set up a proxy in WhatsApp
click on Proxy Settings

Fifth step

Then enable the “Use proxy” option.

enable the "Use proxy" option set up a proxy in WhatsApp
enable the “Use proxy” option

Sixth step

Then tap now on Set Proxy and paste or type the proxy address. Finally, click on Save.

How to set up a proxy in WhatsApp for Android
How to set up a proxy in WhatsApp for Android

Once this is done you will be able to use WhatsApp normally with a valid proxy. And thus circumvent the possible blocks that exist for the use of the application. To disable it or change the address just follow the same route and disable it. You can also click on the current address so that the text box appears again and add the new one.


Nowadays the issue of security and privacy of each user is very important. Therefore this new WhatsApp feature comes as a perfect fit. For all those users who may need this new feature. Without having to use third-party apps. In this way, the flagship messaging app of Meta wins point in its favor. When choosing your favorite messaging app. Thanks for reading us. Bye bye!

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