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How to Secure your windows 10

First thing you do after getting Windows 10 on your computer is to download your favorite desktop application. This is the time when your privacy can be at risk. Usually you bought your computer from a store or a shop and they include a lot of junk software’s and desktop applications which were included in your PC by the manufacturer because they were paid to include all those applications. So, the first thing you should do is to get rid of this garbage applications and install Windows 10 on your computer from scratch. After getting a copy of Windows 10 on your computer, install some authentic antiviruses which can give you protection against any internet malware. Since, Windows 10 cannot provide you protection against serious malware and viruses, so you have to install some anti-malware and some extensions in your browser which can give privacy to your browsing data. Similarly, you can secure your windows 10 by using a VPN while connecting to internet. VPN allows you to access internet with a fake computer IP. Apart from anti-virus, there is a chance that your computer can be accessed by a person when you are not at home. For this concern, your computer should have a strong password which cannot be guessed easily.

Your home Wi-Fi connection is also a way for the hacker to hack your data and exploit your Windows 10 applications. For this purpose, you have to secure your internet connection, this thing can make your data secure from neighbor-hood hackers.

After securing all this things, you can turn your tracking off which can be accessed by Microsoft only, by going into your privacy settings. Sometimes, there are data in your computer which you don’t want to be shared with anyone. By turning the tracking off, your Windows 10 data is secured from even Microsoft.  Similarly, there is an ad tracking option in your computer which can track your interests when you are accessing internet. After tracking your interest, you can have advertisements according to your interest. Many people unlike this thing that their data has been gathered without their permission. You can off this tracking too by going to start menu and then click privacy and in the end general.

In order to secure your Windows 10 further, use a local account instead of using a registered Microsoft account. If you are login with your Microsoft account and let say you made a change on your PC. After making some changes, you turn on your laptop which is synchronized from your PC by the same Microsoft account. You will be amazed to see that those changes in PC are automatically implemented in your laptop. So, to avoid this thing, login to your PC from a local account.

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