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How to restore Windows 10 when rebooting the computer

Hello! One of the most time-consuming tasks is formatting and installing Windows 10. However, sometimes it is an unavoidable task. Either because the computer has been compromised by malware. Or if the performance has dropped due to the number of accumulated applications and files. On the other hand, the system also provides other ways. Indeed, restoring the system is a great option. However, it does not allow you to customize what you want to save. Beyond personal files. But let me tell you, there is another way. Which allows us to save time and effort. And more if you need to manage several computers. Today we will see How to restore Windows 10 when rebooting the computer

How to restore Windows 10 when rebooting the computer

Let’s imagine that you have several computers for public use. This usually happens in hotels, airports, computer rooms, online cafes, etc. As a consequence, after a while, these computers will decrease their performance. This happens because they become cluttered with applications, files, installations, and configurations. Consequently, the most practical solution is to format or restore the system. On the other hand, it would be better if these settings would disappear when the computer is restarted. That is, you reboot and Windows 10 is back to the way it was last time. With the same applications, settings, and files that you left previously.

There are many alternatives on the market to achieve this. One of the longest-lived and most effective is Reboot Restore Rx. After configuring it, it allows you to restore Windows 10 every time you reboot the computer. Therefore, the system will return to its previous state. Consequently, there will be no trace of browsing history, downloading, possible malware, etc. This tool is very useful in places with shared computers. Because it avoids having to perform frequent maintenance.

How to restore system at any time.

Perhaps Reboot Restore Rx seems like a basic solution. In that case, you can resort to a solution from the same developers. We are talking about RollBack Rx. Moreover, it is available in free and paid versions. Despite not receiving updates for two years, it still works very well. Additionally, it is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. This tool works differently from the previous one. It behaves as a backup application. In addition, it is not necessary to restart the computer to restore the system. Therefore, a snapshot of the computer is saved. Consequently, if the computer starts having problems, it is enough to restore the snapshot. As you can see, much faster than formatting and installing the system.

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In order to use this tool, additional hard disk space is required. Additionally, the free version is somewhat more limited than the paid version. However, it is possible to save up to 7 snapshots to restore them at any time. As I told you, it is not necessary to restart the computer. One limitation is that you will not be able to program snapshots. This is exclusive to the paid version. But it is an ideal way to undo unauthorized changes on the computer. Okay, we have seen how to Restore Windows 10 on computer restart. An excellent way to avoid tedious maintenance work. See you soon!

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