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How to record the computer screen without apps.

Hello! The world is currently suffering the ravages of a pandemic. Indeed, COVID-19 has completely changed our lifestyle. It is at this time that we must stay at home. However, the economy and productivity cannot stop. So many users have turned to telework. In that sense, there are some tools that allow communication between people through the Internet. Well, recording the computer screen is a tool with multiple uses. It allows you to show your family or friends how you use a certain app. It also allows you to record material to show in video tutorials. Now, there are several options in the market for free or paid with advertising. But if you do not want to pay or install any tool, then see how to record the computer screen without programs.

Screen Recorder: A private, non-publicized, and free alternative.

This tool allows you to record screens without using third-party applications. Best of all, you can do it directly from your browser. Additionally, it is completely free and has no intrusive advertising. Its operation is very simple. Once inside the web page, you only have to press the red button to start the recording. In addition, underneath there is a switch that enables audio recording through the microphone.

Press the red button to start recording.

After pressing the Select Screen button, 3 recording options will be displayed. Firstly you can record the whole screen. That is everything that is currently displayed. The second option allows you to record the window of an open app. And finally, you can record a web browser tab.

Select the recording mode.
Select the recording mode.

After the selection is made, After the recording is finished, a message will be displayed that the recorder is ready. Please press the red button to start.

Press the red button to start recording.
Press the red button to start recording.
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From this moment on, everything that happens on the screen will be recorded. Also, you can stop and restart it. When the recording is finished, you can watch it and save it.

Download the recording.
Download the recording.


Ultimately, we have seen how to record the computer screen without programs. This is possible by using a web page directly. This way it is not necessary to install third-party applications. In addition, it is a free tool and free of intrusive advertising. That’s all for now, I hope you find this post useful. Before I say goodbye, I invite you to see how to pass large files through the web browser. See you later!


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