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How to record calls in any Android

Hi everyone, a few years ago many of the people who used a Xiaomi phone with the Android-based mobile operating system version MIUI, was very happy because the call app had the option to record calls. This is no longer the case. Most phones in its global version have the google call app that does not integrate this feature. This also happens with different brands of phones. So in this post, I will teach you how to record calls on any Android.

The more advanced users change the ROM and even modify the system, to install a specific call app. But that is necessary there are many apps in Google Play that can solve this problem. One of them is True Phone Dialer. This app incorporates the function of recording calls and is capable of recording absolutely all calls if you want.

First step

Download and install from Google Play True Phone Dialer, you can do it following the link below:

Google Play Store | True Phone Dialer & Contacts & Call Recorder

Second step

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Open the app, immediately the app will ask you to grant some permissions, this is of vital importance to guarantee its correct performance. For example in the first one, it will ask you to select True Phone as the default calling app. Remember to grant the other permissions.

permissions screen record
permissions screen
select True Phone as the default calling app record
select True Phone as the default calling app

Third step

If you make a call you will notice the absence of the option to record calls. This is because you must enable it first. From the main menu press the 3 dots located in the lower right corner. Then press settings. Once in settings go to the Incoming/Ongoing calls section, then scroll to and press Call Recording and enable it.

main menu record
main menu
press settings
press settings
True Phone settings Record
True Phone settings
Incoming/Ongoing calls section record
Incoming/Ongoing calls section
Enable Call Recording
Enable Call Recording

Fourth step

We are almost done, now make a call, then press the record button. To finish the configuration you must enable the accessibility service for True Phone. After that, press the ok button, you will be redirected to the accessibility settings. Go to Downloaded services> True phone and turn on the accessibility option. And that’s it, you can record calls with your phone.

Press the record button
Press the record button
Press OK
Press OK
accessibility settings
accessibility settings
turn on the accessibility option


True Phone is a very complete app that besides allowing you to record your calls in very good quality, has a contact book. An app worth trying. Thanks for reading, remember to keep visiting us for more content. Bye!


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