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How to put a Pin on Google Maps on your Android Phone

Hello folks! For most users, it is a really useful app when it comes to finding an exact location. From your city or outside of it just by opening and putting the address. We refer to Google Maps, one of the most important tools of Google. It remains of paramount importance for millions of people around the world. So many are the settings of this application that could be infinite, as surely you know a few as happens to the community that uses it. Maps is an interesting app with which you can search for a street, or go to a city, although it has more options than the first two mentioned. In Google Maps you can set a pin, we show you how to do it in a few simple steps and this gives you the option to save as many locations as you want.

What is a PIN in Google Maps?

The PIN is a feature included in the Google Maps application, one of the many available in the tool created by the Google team. When you put one, it will be marked on the part of the map that you have done it, if you search specifically for this location you will see that digital pin. It marks it as if it were a balloon, it is what appears when you search for a specific street with the number, giving you exactly what you are looking for. The application goes on to mark all those searches, at least the last ones made by you, it has a complete history that you can share.

This PIN acts as that, a permanent mark, it is as if you get to put a pin on a paper to always keep the point highlighted. The location with PIN will be easy to find by having it in favorites, in case you usually go to it on different occasions of the week or sporadically.

How to set a PIN in Google Maps

When setting a PIN on Google Maps, the first thing to do is to find the location you want, sometimes it is quite easy to find it, expand the area to go to the exact number. The GPS satellite will help you a lot in such situations if you want it to be exactly where you always arrive without using the app, the good thing is that it has as many pins as you want, if your idea is to mark as many favorite places, it’s perfect if you move around the city a lot. It is used by delivery people, travelers, and people who have been knowing this important feature that is valid for the Google application.

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If you want to set a PIN for a specific location, follow this step-by-step:

First step

Open the Google Maps application, if you don’t have it you can download it from this link:

Google Play | Google Maps

Google Play put a Pin on Google Maps
Google Play

Second step

Then look for an address in the search bar and click on locate to go to the specific point you want to save with that well-known pin.

Then look for an address in the search bar
Then look for an address in the search bar

Third step

After that, press and hold on to the location where you want the mentioned “PIN” to appear.

Google Maps put a Pin on Google Maps
Google Maps

If you click on the PIN, you will get the exact location. As well as all the coordinates to see and if you want to share with any user. A quick way to remove a wrong PIN from Google Maps is to press on it again and hit the “X” to remove it. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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