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How to mirror the screen of your Android to the PC via USB

Greetings friends, in the world of Android phones, it is well known that the technology that allows us to get the image and sound from a phone through cable, known as MHL (Mobile High Definition Link), is a feature present in high-end or more expensive devices. For lower-priced devices, it is not usually present to reduce costs and is also a more premium feature. It can be taken advantage of by many mid-range devices if it were present. It is a function that for example would allow you to transmit the screen of your phone live. Most phones that don’t have MHL allow you to mirror the screen over Wi-Fi, but with disadvantages such as lower resolution and higher latency. The higher the latency, the more lag there will be in the image.

There is a solution that has been in development for some time now and that is to transmit the screen via USB using ADB. Thanks to an app called Vysor. You can duplicate the screen of your phone on your PC in an elementary way. Besides, this app is free, so you can try it without any problem. In this post, we will show you how to mirror your Android screen to PC via USB.

Downloading the Vysor App

Download and install the Vysor App by following the link below:

Google Play | Vysor Android control on PC

Press the install button! mirror the
Press the install button!

Enabling Developer Options

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Once you have installed the Vysor App, the first thing you should do is to activate the Developer Options, this is an advanced options menu that is hidden in Android. In this menu, you can change more specific system settings. It will be of vital importance for the following steps and the correct functioning of Vysor.

First step

Go to the settings of your Android phone, then go to the “Device Information” section. In the case of Xiaomi, it is “About phone”. You should take into account that the names of these menus may change depending on the brand of your phone, if you have problems locating them I recommend you to use the settings search engine.

Second step

After you are in the section where the device’s system information is displayed. Tap five times on “Build number”. In the case of Xiaomi, you must tap five times on “MIUI Version”. This will activate the Developer options.

Tap five times on "Build number" mirror the
Tap five times on “Build number”
Developer options enabled! mirror the
Developer options enabled!

Enabling USB Debugging

Another requirement for the Vysor app to work is to enable USB Debugging.

First step

Go to the Developer Options, you can use the browser settings to find it more easily. In Xiaomi, you can find it in Settings>Additional settings>developer options.

Go to the Developer Options
Go to the Developer Options

Second step

Then scroll down and in the debugging section, enable USB debugging. Also if you have a Xiaomi phone, in this same section enable the “USB debugging (security settings)” setting. Please note that to enable this option, you need to have a Xiaomi account linked to your phone. You may need to wait sometime after you have linked your account to enable this option. Finally, in this same section, enable the “Install via USB” option and disable the “Verify apps over USB” option.

enable USB debugging
Enable USB debugging

Download Vysor on your PC

Your phone configuration is ready but you need to install the Vysor client on your PC. The process is really simple, you must download the installer (choose your operating system, Windows, Mac, or Linux) from the official Vysor website and then run it. After a few minutes, you will notice how the program starts without any problem.

Connect your phone to your PC

Then connect your phone to your PC using a USB cable and you will notice how it starts installing drivers. Confirm the requests to get access to your phone.

allow USB debugging
Allow USB debugging

After that, press the “View” button in the Vysor window on your PC. You will get a message about installing APK, then you will be able to see the phone screen on the PC. And that’s it. Enjoy!

press the "View" button
Press the “View” button
Press Install
Press Install
Final Result!
Final Result!


The possibility to mirror the screen of your Android to a PC via USB is very convenient, it can be used for academic purposes for work, or fun. And thanks to Vysor the process is quite simplified. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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