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How to manage app permissions on Android

Hello friends, as users of google’s mobile operating system, when we try new apps they ask us for different permissions to access our phone’s hardware. This is fine as long as the apps only use the permissions they need and do not compromise our privacy and security. So in this post, I will show you how to manage app permissions in Android. For this, we will use an app called Burned Guard. This app will take care of managing each of the permissions that we give to each of the apps. So you can disable permissions of apps that do not require it. It will also keep you informed of the most necessary and important permissions that you have enabled on your phone. An app that will make your phone safer.

First step

So, Burner Guard is available for Android for free to download I recommend you follow the link below:

BurnerGuard: Privacy & Apps Permission Manager

Second step

Open BurnerGuard and press the Scan button. Immediately the app will scan the apps you have on your phone.

press the Scan button manage
press the Scan button

Third step

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Press the extra button to see the apps that have access to unsecured permissions.

Press the extra button manage
Press the extra button

Fourth step

Select the app you want to revoke permissions for and press the revoke button.

manage apps
manage app

Fifth step

After that, you will be redirected to the App permissions, then disable the permission. And that’s it. Enjoy!

App permissions
App permissions
Location permissions
Location permissions


Burner Guard is a high-quality app that is effective in managing app permissions. Many phones have indeed integrated permission managers, but most are not able to detect in time when an app uses permission maliciously. Burner Guard is also capable of notifying you when the microphone or camera is in use. A feature that is of vital importance nowadays to ensure our privacy. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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