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How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Longer

Batteries are essential components for the operation of any mobile device, be it a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Indeed, they are what allow us to use them without relying on energy networks that are not always accessible. Their care and maintenance is vital to maximize their autonomy and performance. In addition to maximizing their lifespan.

Lately there have been improvements in the capacity of the latest generation of batteries. We also find the reduction of consumption in processors, memories, or storage units. All these elements have compensated for the design needs of increasingly thinner and lighter notebooks. Recently, the use of prismatic battery technologies has appeared. We also see dual battery formats (smaller, but with a greater number of plates in total). All this has helped to fulfill the dream of having autonomy for a whole day’s work. Moreover, in ideal situations because, as we said, it is a component that must be expressly taken care of.

Laptop battery care

Batteries are expendable components that do not last forever. Indeed, they wear out with each charging and recharging cycle and lose capacity. However, there are a number of precautions to try to minimize this wear and tear. Also, to conserve most of its capacity for a longer time and ultimately extend the life of the battery. We remind you of the most important ones.


Operating temperature has a huge impact on the life of a laptop battery. Batteries operate best at room temperature, between 20 and 25 degrees. Avoid large temperature variations as much as possible. Also, beware of extreme hot-cold temperatures in winter or summer. Especially during the holiday season in full sun on the beach or at the swimming pool. If it has overheated, and you are able to do so, wait until it returns to room temperature before restarting it.

Remove the battery

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If you are not going to use the equipment for some periods or you have the notebook permanently installed on a desk connected to the mains, you can remove the battery if it is replaceable. The best way to do this is to charge it to 40-50% and store it in a cool, dry place. Remember that humidity also affects them negatively. From time to time, reconnect it and perform at least one full charge cycle to prevent it from deteriorating. Unfortunately, the massive use of integrated batteries has made this difficult.

Cleaning and installation

Keeping the battery contacts clean is mandatory. Similarly, clean the keyboard and the rest of the laptop regularly to prevent dust from getting inside the equipment and obstructing grilles and fans. This is detrimental to the cooling of components, including the battery. Placing the computer on a pillow, blanket or other soft surface can heat the computer and affect the battery. It is recommended to use a cooling pad when using a laptop on your lap. It is also necessary to avoid placing it on these soft surfaces.

Recharge cycles

No matter how much battery technologies improve, each charge and discharge irreversibly shortens the life of the battery. With good maintenance, it should retain 80 percent of its autonomy for at least the first 18 months of use. With new batteries, it is not necessary to drain the battery to recharge it. In fact, partial recharging is recommended to prevent the battery charge from dropping below 15%, except when performing calibration processes. At least once a month, perform a full charge cycle.


Problems with incorrect supply voltages or current spikes are the other major cause that limits the life of a battery. Always use the original adapter that came with your computer. The correct way to disconnect a laptop from the power supply is to remove the wall outlet and then the power plug from the computer. Follow the opposite steps to make a correct connection and avoid voltage difficulties. Note that it is not harmful to keep your equipment connected to the mains with the battery installed. For years, they have included technologies to avoid overcharging and battery drainage. Modern equipment includes a protection circuit that prevents the battery from being charged or discharged beyond safety limits.

Software and calibration

The industry offers software that reports battery status. In addition to diagnostic aids and resolution of possible problems with the battery. Most manufacturers include it in their monitoring applications. Specialized third-party applications are also available that can monitor the battery in real time. They can also check its condition, determine its number of cycles and assist in performing calibrations. This is a necessary technique to be performed from time to time to squeeze the maximum performance out of the battery, and consists of draining the battery completely. Windows operating systems allow you to manage several related parameters from the Power settings.

Enjoy your laptop

Following the above recommendations will help to extend the life of the battery, but do not become obsessed. As we said, batteries are expendable components with an expiration date. Enjoy your equipment and use the battery when you need it. When you detect that your autonomy has decreased more than expected, buy an original battery from an official distributor. This way, you avoid putting your equipment at risk and have a total security guarantee.

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