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How to make your games run smoothly on Android

Hello friends! In recent years it has become increasingly popular to play games on smartphones. They started out being able to run casual titles, and now they can run AAA(Triple-A) games, developed by big companies with a massive budget. This was made possible because the phones advanced enough to be able to run graphically demanding games. It is becoming more and more common to play games and earn money on the phone and there are even brands that bring out models specifically focused on gaming. Usually, these phones have a turbo mode, which helps to improve the gaming experience. Some brands that are not oriented to gaming also include it but it is not so successful. So, in this post, we will show you how to make your games run smoothly on Android.

Download Gamers GLTool

Gamers GLTool is an application that will allow you to make a specific configuration for each of the games you have installed on your phone. Since there are some games more demanding than others, therefore do not need a lot of resources. This app has a similar operation to the Game Turbo app that we can find in Xiaomi for example.

Gamers GLTools can:

  • Close all applications that we have open in the background to free up the maximum amount of memory possible.
  • Increases the reading speed of the games that are stored on the SD card, whose speed is much lower than what we can find in the internal storage.
  • It uses all processor cores, closing all unnecessary background processes for the operation of the terminal.
  • It increases the performance of the GPU (graphics).

To download Gamers GLTool you can do by following the link below:

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Google Play | Gamers GLTool Free with Game Turbo & Game Tuner

Gamers GLTool Initial Configuration

First step

Open the app and then press the “Next” button until the “Done” button appears. Then press the “Done” button.

press the "Next" make your games
Press the “Next”
press the "Done" button make your games
Press the “Done” button

Second step

Then click “Continue” to accept the terms of use and privacy policy. Next, click the “Allow” button to allow access to your device’s storage.

click "Continue" make your games
click “Continue”
allow access to your device's storage make your games
allow access to your device’s storage

How to use the automatic game mode

Auto Game Mode will automatically adjust the processor power, graphics, and RAM. To give you the best performance without exceeding your device’s resource limit, it can even help you save battery life, this feature is ideal for mid-range and low-end devices.

First step

Click “App List” and select the game you want to optimize.

Click "App List" make your games
Click “App List”
select the game you want make your games
Select the game you want

Second step

Then click the “Yes” button to authorize changes to the app.

click the "Yes" button
Click the “Yes” button

Third step

After that, go back to the home screen and tap the rocket icon and select “Enabled”. Finally, click on settings and select “Apply settings”.

Tap the rocket icon
Tap the rocket icon
select "Enabled"
Select “Enabled”
click on settings
Click on settings
select "apply settings"
Select “Apply settings”
and that's it!
and that’s it!

Game Turbo

Game Turbo mode will allow you to individually adjust the processor and GPU, this mode is a bit more advanced. You can also choose to throttle the speed of the ram and SD card. Additionally, you can tune the system performance.

Game Tuner

This mode is the most advanced and will allow you to modify more specific aspects of the game, such as resolution, graphics, and frames per second, shadows, graphics style. Reducing some of these aspects such as resolution will be important to increase the frames per second and thus have a smoother game.


Gamers GLTool is a very complete app that will improve your gaming experience. You will gain in smoothness which is very important in games of the Battle Royal genre. You must take into account that this app will be more effective in mid or high-end devices. They have the necessary resources to run demanding games. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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