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How to Install VMware Workstation Pro on Linux

Virtualization is a great technology that allows performing numerous tasks very easily. For example, running multiple OS on the same physical computer without any additional system changes. It’s also important for programmers to test out their products on different systems. Truth be told, there are lots of other usages of virtualization. In the industrial scale, virtualization is the heart of the cloud. When it comes about virtualization tools, one of the most popular ones is VMware Workstation (at the enterprise level).

It’s extremely powerful, cross-platform and has earned great reputation from the community. For Linux users, getting VMware Workstation is really easy. If you prefer VirtualBox, we also got you covered. Learn how to install VirtualBox on Linux.

Download VMware Workstation

VMware Workstation Pro is a paid software. You need to have a license key for running the software on a regular basis. However, they also provide a trial for 30 days. Let’s get started.

Download VMware Workstation from VMware. Currently, the latest version is v14. Click on the Linux option. It’ll download a .BUNDLE file.

Begin installation

  • Start a terminal.
  • Run the following commands:
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cd ~/Downloads
chmod +x VMware-Workstation-Full-14.1.1-7528167.x86_64.bundle
sudo ./VMware-Workstation-Full-14.1.1-7528167.x86_64.bundle

Change working directory

Set as executable

The GUI installer will show up. Follow the on-screen instructions.

GUI Installer

Auto update check

Join VMware CEP

Workstation server username

Path to Shared VMs

Choose HTTPS port

Enter License key (optional)

VMware Pro installation progress

VMware Pro installation complete!

Done! Enjoy VMware Workstation Pro!

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