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How to install double-tap on back gesture on your Android

Hi, how are you? The double-tap on back gesture is one of the new functions available on Android 11 and IOS 14. This function allows you to perform different actions such as launch the assistant, activate shortcuts, turn on the flashlight among other things. In this post, we will show you how to install the double-tap gesture in almost any Android device.

This is possible thanks to an app called “Tap, tap”. This application is a port of the function included in the latest versions of Android. Also, this app makes use of the same algorithm and artificial intelligence directly taken from Android 11 builds, through machine learning is capable of indicating to our accelerometer where we are touching. This app is being developed by Kieron Quinn recognized developer of the XDA Developers forum and with the collaboration of other users.

Besides this app adds even more features than those available in Android 11 and IOS 14. The only requirement is to have a device that runs Android 7 or higher. By the way, this app is in Alpha state so some features may not work properly.

First step

Downloading the apk file: Open the following link bellow from your phone. Then scroll down to the attached files section and click on TapTap-0.4-Alpha.apk. The download will start automatically.

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XDA Developers: [APP][ALPHA 0.4] Tap, Tap

download page
download page

Second Step

Installing the apk file: From the browser, open the apk file, then the browser will notify you that you don’t have enough permissions, after that, press settings and then press Allow from this source. Now go back and the installation wizard will appear, finally, press install.

Installing Tap, tap
Installing Tap, tap

Third Step

Setting up Tap, tap: Open the app, you will see the main menu, now open the first option. After that, you will be redirected to the Accessibility settings. Then, go to the More Downloaded Services –> Tap, tap section, and turn on the Accessibility option.

Fourth Step

Go back to the main menu, then go to the Gesture-> Device Model section, and choose one of the 3 models available. You need to choose the one closest to your device in size.

Fifth step

The system can kill this app if you close it from the recent apps. To prevent closing this app, you must open the recent apps and you have to long-press Tap, tap to lock this app into memory. Finally, you will have finished the initial configuration.

Android Recent Apps
Recent Apps

Adding Actions

The Actions are tasks that are executed when you press the back of your device twice. Actions are executed in the order listed – top to bottom. If an Action is successfully executed no further action will be performed. However, if an action is not available (for example if the camera is already running), the next action below will be executed, so it will be until action is successfully executed.

To add an action go to the main menu-> to the Actions section. Then press the + Add Action button, the app will show you four more buttons. Each button will display a list with different actions, you can choose the ones you want.

double-tap actions
More Actions


The Gates are situations that can block the gesture from executing any action. For actions to be executed, all enabled Gates must be open. For example, if you are in a call and the On-call gate is enabled, no action will be executed.

From the main menu, if you go to the Gates section, you will find a list of Gates, which you can open or close, you can also add a gate by pressing the Add Gate button below.

Gates Section Android
Gates Section


Finally, if you go to the Feedback section from the main menu, you can change how the device responds when the gesture is activated.

Feedback Section
Feedback Section


Tap, tap is one of those apps that allow us to extend the life of our Android device. Letting us use the double-tap on back gesture on any Android device in a very simple way.
We must also recognize the great potential of the XDA Developers community. Every day they bring us new features to improve our user experience.

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