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How to improve your sleep with your Android device

Every day new apps are released for our Android device, focused on different aspects of our lives. It is a world full of possibilities and we are ready to keep you up to date. That’s why in this post we will teach you how to improve your sleep with your Android device.

SnoreLab: Record Your Snoring

Snorelab is an app that is designed to improve your sleep. It records, measures, and monitors your snoring and helps you discover effective ways to reduce it. An app designed to help you sleep better.

Some features are:

  • Stores samples of your snoring
  • Analyze when and how much you have snored
  • Calculate your Roncometer
  • Compare your Snore Meter with other snorers around the world
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Advanced options:

  • Provides information on remedies for hoarseness
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of the hoarseness remedies you take
  • Shows the impact of special factors such as alcohol on your snoring
  • Track your Roncometer over time

First step

You must download and install SnoreLab from the Google Play Store can do so by following this link.

Google Play Store|SnoreLab

Second step

Now open SnoreLab, you will see the welcome screen, then press Continue. After that, the app will recommend that you place your device face down on a table next to your bed with the charger attached. It will also ask you to enable access to the microphone.

welcome screen improve
welcome screen
Placement improve
press allow improve
press allow

Third Step

Now you will see the main menu press time to sleep to select the time it takes you to fall asleep.

press time to sleep improve
press time to sleep
time to sleep

Fourth step

After that,go back to the main menu and press Start. The application will start counting down to run. You can also slide to stop the session.

press Start
slide to stop the session

Fifth step

Finally, you can check the results in the results section. Also in the section on remedies and factors, you can get additional information to help you improve your sleep. Enjoy!

results section


Many people suffer from various sleep disorders, SnoreLab is more necessary than we think, and it delivers on its promise. A truly useful tool. We hope to have helped you with these great tips and tricks from the Osradar team.

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