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How to improve your screenshots on Android

Hi, how are you?Have you ever wondered how you could improve your screenshots? Today we introduce you to Snapmod. Snapmod is a tool that will allow you to improve your screenshots quickly and easily way. This app has a gallery of templates with different models of smartphones. You can download them and add them to your screenshots and also modify the background color. In this post, we will show you how to improve your screenshots with Snapmod.

Downloading Snapmod

I recommend you follow the next link to download and install Snapmod from the Google Play Store:

Snapmod – Better Screenshots mockup generator

Improving a Screenshot with Snapmod

First step

First, open the app and you will see the app intro. The app will let you know how easy it is to use, the multiple models, different colored frames, and much more. In addition to the automated effects, slide to the right, and press the DONE button to start.

Second step

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From the main screen touch the middle to place a default model. Then the app will show you a menu with different tabs with the device brands. Choose one and tap on download. Then press on look. You can click on the star icon in the top right corner to select the frame as default.

Third step

Once you have chosen the frame. Also, you need to add one screenshot just touch the Snapmod logo. Then the application will ask you for permission to access the internal storage of your device; you have to press the ALLOW button.


Fourth step

After that, you will be redirected to your screenshots folder. Then you have to select a screenshot. To change the background color press the palette icon, then choose a color.

To save the screenshot you have to press the save icon or you can also press the share button. When you save it the app will send you a notification with the file.

Final Result

final result
final result


Snapmod is an app that helps us to improve the way we present our screenshots, giving us a more personal and realistic result. Which we can share through social media and wherever we want. Besides, this app can save us a lot of time. One of our favorite apps. We invite you to join our telegram channel, have a great day!

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