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How to get a voice alarm when the battery is fully charged

Hello! Taking care of the battery life of your laptop is a priority. Indeed, this element tends to wear out with use. Therefore, we have told you how to get a complete report on the health of the battery. In addition, Windows has several options and power plans that allow you to save battery. Even the system warns when the charge is low or at a critical level. However, there is no system that warns the opposite. That is when the charge is at maximum. So today we will learn How to get a voice alarm when the battery is fully charged.

Is it harmful to have the battery charging all the time?

Laptop technology has evolved a lot. Therefore, when 100% of the charge is reached, a safety mechanism is activated. And that is that the charge coming from the external source feeds first the laptop before the battery. Consequently, overcharging is avoided. However, there are other details that can affect battery life. Even more so when it remains connected to the power supply all the time. We are talking about temperature and voltage. Consider this. If the temperature of the computer gets too high, the battery will suffer. However, the damage will be greater if the battery is 100% charged than if it is less than half charged.

So if the laptop is mismanaging the temperature, then the ideal is to disconnect before reaching 100%. Also, by always charging at the maximum voltage per cell, charge cycles are reduced. So reducing this can extend the life of the battery. In fact, some manufacturers set a threshold so that the battery is never charged to 100%. Especially if the laptop is used as a desktop computer. That is, always connected to the power supply.

How to get a voice alarm when the battery is fully charged with Battery Notification

So, it is not ideal to charge the battery all the time at 100%. So it is ideal to have a notification when this happens. Since we can completely forget about it. The good thing is that there is an app available for Windows 10. Battery Notification is a very simple but very useful app. Its main function is to notify when the laptop reaches a specific percentage of charge.

Battery Notification App
Battery Notification App
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This is a free application that can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store. Just allow it to run in the background. This is obvious since it needs to measure the load percentage level all the time. Then just set the load percentage at which you want to receive the notification. By default, the tool notifies at 90% battery charge. In addition, it does so with a rather scandalous melody. However, both variables can be customized.

Choosing the notification sound in Battery Notification
Choosing the notification sound in Battery Notification

The application comes with multiple sounds to choose from. It is even possible to use any MP3 file of the user. So you can set your favorite song as an alarm tone. From now on, you will see a notification when you reach the indicated percentage. It will ask you to disconnect the charger. It will also indicate the battery percentage and the remaining charging time. In addition to the notification, the selected sound will be played. And it will not stop until you dismiss the notification.

Ultimately we have seen how to get a voice alarm when the battery is fully charged. In addition, the tool allows you to set notifications in the same style when the load level is very low. We can also set percentage and custom notification sound. As you can see, it is a very useful app. See you soon!

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