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How to find AppData

Hello! Windows has sensitive information for its operation. Indeed, applications and registries are often stored in hidden folders. Which is a logical security measure. This prevents the user from deleting them by mistake. This would cause the system to malfunction. Therefore, Windows keeps these folders hidden by default. For this reason, today we will know how to find the AppData folder.

What is the AppData folder?

As we have already said, it is a hidden folder of the Windows system. Moreover, it is located in the system user account. Configuration data of applications such as Firefox or Skype are stored there. In addition to templates and system-related settings. Similarly, each user has its own AppData folder. Templates and system startup items are also included. In short, it is a sensitive content for Windows. On the other hand, 3 subfolders are also included:

  • Roaming: saves roaming settings on company networks when connected to other computers.
  • Local: this subfolder stores the data that is not migrating. For example, temporary data.
  • LocalLow: storage space for Windows folder files and programs with very low privileges. Such as browser plug-ins.

How to find the AppData folder.

We already told you that this is a hidden system folder. Therefore, you have to do a few steps before viewing it. First of all, you have to enter the file explorer. With this in mind, press the Win+E combination. Once there, from the View menu, check the option to view hidden items.

Viewing hidden items in the file explorer
Viewing hidden items in the file explorer

Then use this syntax and paste it into the file explorer.

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Please replace user with your system user name.

How to view the AppData folder in the file explorer.
How to view the AppData folder in the file explorer.

How to view the AppData folder without enabling the hidden items view.

We have talked about the hidden elements. They are hidden for security reasons. Since it avoids that an inexperienced user can delete them. And thus cause malfunction of the operating system. So I will show you how to find the AppData folder without modifying the system. To do this, we will use the Run box.With this intention, press the Win+R combination and then run the following:


The AppData folder will open immediately. Specifically in the subfolder Roaming

Opening the AppData folder
Opening the AppData folder

Okay, so we have seen how to find the AppData folder in Windows 10. From there, you can back it up or make a backup. See you soon!

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