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How to download your photos from Xiaomi Cloud before it closes

Greetings friends! Xiaomi plans to discontinue its Xiaomi Cloud services for your gallery items. Last year Xiaomi released a statement with the shocking news. Now we come to remind you about the closure of Xiaomi Cloud because there are only a few days left before the discontinuation of this service. So you’d better get ready and transfer all gallery items from Xiaomi Cloud to your device. In this post, we will show you how to download your photos from Xiaomi Cloud before it closes.

How to download the photos stored in the cloud to your Xiaomi device

The simplest option is probably to download the content stored in Xiaomi Cloud directly to your device. You can then decide whether to keep these files on your phone. You can also copy them to an external storage such as a PC. Or simply choose to upload them to different cloud storage. To do this process follow the steps below:

First step

Enter the following link from any browser and enter your Mi account details:

Xiaomi Cloud

Xiaomi Cloud
Xiaomi Cloud

Second step

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Then in the main menu look for the Gallery icon and click on it.


Third step

After that, select the files you want to download. You can also do it individually. Finally, tap the download button. Now you just have to wait for the download to finish.

download download your photos from Xiaomi Cloud

There is also a possibility that when you enter the gallery you will see a notice that Xiaomi Cloud services for your gallery files will be discontinued. In this case, it would be simpler, since you would only have to press the button that says start. This will generate a download link with all the stuff in your gallery. Finally, you would just have to click on that link and it would download all the content you have stored in the form of a compressed file.

Xiaomi Cloud will end its service for gallery photos and videos by the end of July

If you are a user of any Xiaomi device with access to Xiaomi Cloud. It is very likely that you recently received an email warning you that the synchronization of items in your gallery with the cloud will be discontinued soon. The Beijing company indicates that these specific Xiaomi Cloud services will be canceled as of July 31.

That is, not only will you not be able to upload, store and download images and videos to the Xiaomi Cloud. But you will also lose all gallery items that are stored in Xiaomi Cloud. This will not affect the other types of files that can be stored in Xiaomi Cloud. Only the gallery files, meaning you will still be able to make use of features such as find your Xiaomi.

Anyway, whatever the reason behind these events, the result is the same. The synchronization of your gallery files with the Xiaomi cloud will no longer be available. So the best thing you can do is to transfer your files as we have already taught you so as not to lose any of these. We hope you found the article interesting and if something was not clear to you, share it with us in the comments section. Thanks for reading. Goodbye!

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