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How to delete app data on Android

Hello friends, when an app crashes the simplest solutions are usually, reboot the phone, clear the cache, force close. As a last resort, you can use the option to clear the data. This option was useful to solve the Webview problem, a bug in one of the Android components that caused the unexpected closing of the apps that used it. Although it is very useful it is necessary to use it carefully because its effects tend to be destructive. You can even lose the progress and configuration of the app. It is different from deleting the cache memory which you can delete without any problem. That’s why in this post we will show you how to delete app data on Android.

First step

To delete app data there are different ways, the easiest one which has become standard on most Android phones is to long tap on the app icon and tap on the app info icon.

long tap on the app icon and tap on the app info icon delete
long tap on the app icon and tap on the app info icon

Second step

Once in the app info settings, you can click on storage and press the “clear data button“. Remember that the location of this function may vary depending on the version of Android and the manufacturer of your device.

click on storage delete app
click on storage
press the "clear data button" delete app
press the “clear data button”

Third step

Another way would be to go to the settings of your device, then look for the app manager. After that, locate the app you want to clear the data, this way you will get to the app info and you can easily clear the app data.

click on apps delete
click on apps
then press manage apps delete
then press manage apps
ocate the app you want to clear the data
press the clear data button
press the “clear data button”


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Android is the most widely used mobile operating system because of this and thanks to the huge number of devices of different brands, there are often bugs in some apps. Knowing how to delete app data is something that most Android users should know. This way they will be able to solve those small bugs without wasting a lot of time. Thanks for reading. Bye!

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