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How to customize the MIUI 12 Control Center

Greetings friends! The Xiaomi MIUI 12 Android-based mobile operating system has been on the market for some time and is now available for most devices. MIUI 12 has many customization options, we can practically change the interface efficiently and natively. One of the newest features is the Control Center. We can also change the appearance of the Control Center. In this post, we will show you how to customize the MIUI 12 Control Center.

You do not need third-party apps, in this case, we will use the Xiaomi Theme app, which is integrated with all their phones. Applying some themes but modifying only the Control Center.

First step

Open the Themes app, then find a theme that allows you to modify the Control Center. To find out if a theme is suitable for you, just look at the screenshots provided by each theme. In this case, we will use the White Fields 3DMS theme.
Remember to use the search bar to find the themes.

Recommended themes:

  • Clean Classic 3DMS
  • Jiyan Black
  • Jiyan Red
  • BnW Nature 3DMS
  • Flower Valley 3DMS
  • Dream OS v.12
  • Gaming 3DMS
  • Real Black Shark 2
  • Fantasy Universe
Theme app main screen customize
Theme app main screen

Second step

Press the download button, before applying it uncheck each of the options that modify the Lock screen, home screen, and Icons, just leave checked the system, this is the one that will allow you to modify the Control Center.

customize miui 12
customize miui 12
uncheck each of the options
uncheck each of the options

Third step

Now press apply, the phone will ask you to reboot to apply changes, press reboot. And that’s it. You will notice that the color of the Control Center has changed. Have fun!

press apply
press apply
press reboot
press reboot
Final result
Final result
MIUI 12 Stock
MIUI 12 Stock
Dream OS v12
Dream OS v12


The Control Center, besides having a nice interface also allows you to modify it to your taste. The possibilities are endless. This is one of the many benefits of the latest version of the Android-based mobile operating system MIUI 12. Thanks for reading us. Bye!

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