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How to Create a Great Contact Form on Your Site

Do you wish to enhance the style of your contact form page? A well-designed contact form page encourages more users to get in touch with you, increasing your conversion rate. In this post, we’ll demonstrate the best practices for creating effective contact form page designs, have a look at some website contact form examples, and find out why they’re so helpful.

Why Having A Great Contact Form is Important?

  1. All websites should include a contact form page. It allows people to get in touch with you whenever they are on your website, regardless of whether you are operating a personal blog or a company website.
  2. Contrary to social media, the contact form enables people to get in touch with you discreetly, which increases trust and results in purchases.
  3. The contact page is commonly neglected by many website owners. Most people just provide a contact form and then ignore it.

How to Create a Contact Form Page in WordPress?

WordPress does not have a page for a contact form. To construct a form and then add it to your contact page, you will need a contact form plugin.

1. Make Sure Your Contact Form is Working

Frequently, WordPress hosting companies’ mail settings are so bad that they prevent your contact form plugin from sending email alerts. You can still view the form entries inside the WordPress admin area if you are using the pro version of WPForms. You won’t even be aware that your form is broken if you are utilizing a free contact form plugin, though. So, it’s essential to check the performance of your contact form after adding it to your WordPress website by sending a sample submission.

2. Avoid Unnecessary Fields in the Contact Form

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Your contact form can have as many fields as you desire. The time it takes for your users to fill out each new field on your contact form, however, increases. Because of this, we advise reducing the number of fields on your contact form to a minimum and only including those that will improve your understanding of the user’s query.

Now, if you have to develop a longer form, you should read the extra advice after this post, which will assist you in lowering form abandonment.

3. Explain Why Users Should Contact You

The user experience on your contact form page should be friendly and inviting. A greeting and a welcome message might make it appear kinder and more beneficial. Inform users of the kind of queries you may assist them with.

4. Provide Alternate Ways to Contact

The easiest way for visitors to contact you is by using a form on your contact page. However, providing more contact options might help customers in selecting the method that best suits them. As other contact methods, you might include an email address, WhatsApp, or phone number.

5. Add Social Media Profiles

While most users prefer to get in touch with you privately, some people might choose to do so via Facebook or Instagram. As an alternative, you may include social networking links on your contact form page.

6. Adding Address and Map

Including an address and location on a map increases user trust in an online store. Users like to know where you are located even if you don’t have a real office or store. Your contact form page will be considerably more helpful if you include all of your locations, especially if they are spread across multiple cities or nations.

7. Adding FAQs and Links to Resources

You’ll eventually notice that many of your users have the same inquiries. By including a FAQs section on your contact page, you can save them some time and address their inquiries there.

8. Optimize Your Form Confirmation Page

Most contact form plugins let you either display visitors a confirmation message or reroute them to another page when their forms are submitted. You may guide readers to your most valuable resources, such as your top articles or a coupon code, by redirecting them.

9. Ask Users to Join Your Email List

The email addresses of your users have to be included while completing the form. You may also include a checkbox asking them to subscribe to your email list. See our advice on why it is so vital to establish an email list if you are not currently doing so.

10. Add Photos of Your Team

The contact page becomes warmer and more inviting when you include pictures of your company and employees. It guarantees that individuals responding to their inquiries on your contact form page are actual people.

11. Make Your Contact Form Page Engaging

You don’t have to make a standard contact form page. To portray the culture and values of your business, you might include pictures of your office, shop, or support staff.

12. Be Creative With Your Contact Page Design

You may have noticed that the style of many contact pages across many websites is straightforward and remarkably consistent. While it performs its job, you can take advantage of the chance to make a statement.

The styles for forms are already built-in to many premium WordPress themes. By utilizing a plugin like CSS Hero or applying custom CSS, you may modify those styles.

Create your contact form page layout using a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, as this is what we advise. You’ll have greater creative freedom due to this without having to write any code.

We sincerely hope that this post has taught you some valuable lessons about creating good contact form page designs. For more information on how to raise your rankings, visit our detailed guide on WordPress SEO.

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