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How to change time in windows 10

Hello! Today we will learn how to change the time in Windows 10. In addition, we will show you how to change the date as well. Certainly the system is preconfigured to synchronize this data with the internet. Therefore, most of the time users do not intervene. However, sometimes this synchronization fails. Either because of server errors or because of a specific connectivity failure. Similarly, if you travel to other countries, it is also necessary to modify the values. Read on to find out how to do it easily.

How to change the time and date in Windows from Windows Settings.

Windows Settings is the nerve center of the operating system. In fact, from there it is possible to modify various aspects of Windows. Therefore, we can also change the date and time values. The first thing to do is to enter Windows Settings. With this intention, press the Win+I combination. Once there, click on Time & Language.

As mentioned above, the system is configured to automatically update the Windows time. Therefore, it is necessary to disable the Set time automatically option.

Next, click on the Change button. This button is located below Set the date and time manually.

How to change the time in Windows
How to change the time in Windows
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A new box will open immediately. Once there, you just have to manually add the new values. That is, change the date and time of Windows 10.

Changing the date and time in Windows 10

Please note that there is a faster way to access this menu. To do so, just right-click on the time in the taskbar. Then click on Adjust date/time.

Adjusting the Windows date and time from the taskbar.
Adjusting the Windows date and time from the taskbar.

How to set the time automatically in Windows 10.

Windows set the system time automatically. For this purpose, it takes the time zone used as a basis. In addition, it connects to the Internet. Let’s see how to do it. First, go to the Date and Time section using any of the steps mentioned above. Next, activate the Set time automatically switch. Next, turn off the Set time zone automatically switch.

Preparing the system to set the time automatically.
Preparing the system to set the time automatically.

Next, scroll down to the bottom to select the Time Zone.

Now, just choose the time zone corresponding to your region. If you don’t know it, you can check here. In this way, the system time will be set automatically.

Configure network time server in Windows

Windows 10 gets the time from an Internet time server. Let’s see how to configure it. Please follow this path: Control Panel>Clock and Region. Once there, please click on Date and time.

Control Panel>Clock and Region>Date and time.

Next, click on the Internet Time tab. Now click on Change settings.

The new window shows the two servers used by the system. Please select one of them to synchronize the time with the Internet. Additionally, you can disable the option to set the time manually. So, it is the same action as in the previous sections.

Configuring the time servers
Configuring the time servers

Adding a new time server in Windows 10

It is also possible to select a server of your choice. For this, it is necessary to have it located. If you don’t know any, you can search from here. Once there, search for the appropriate server for your region. The website is very intuitive. After doing the search, you just have to copy the address after Server x.

Selecting a new time server.
Selecting a new time server.

Now, you just have to paste this address in the server counter. Then click on Update now.

Okay, so we have seen how to change the time in Windows 10. Please note that a wrong time can cause system problems. Such as connectivity failures or applications not working. See you soon!

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