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How to change the PIN code of your SIM card on your Xiaomi phone

Hello friends! Android device security always starts with things like fingerprint unlock. Although it is important to configure other aspects first. Phones work with cards from different carriers. Which usually gives you a code called PIN when you sign up, which is used to boot the phone. Millions of users protect their smartphones from many tattletales. So you should always set a password to unlock the screen. The same applies to SIM cards. Depending on the phone, this will vary as manufacturers often change many of their settings. In the post, we will detail how to change your SIM card PIN code on your Xiaomi phone. This has nothing to do with other devices. MIUI interface is tuned. Differentiating and changing the terminal settings, which is initially different from other phones.

Recommendations for creating a new PIN code

The operator will usually enter a default PIN code on the SIM card. This must be changed by the buyer. Who in turn must remember the PIN code created at that time. Don’t use a date of birth that someone would guess. Which is fine but not recommended, say security experts. It is recommended to use a code of four different numbers. For example, 4578, put one according to your idea. Sometimes the same PIN code is used as the bank card (not recommended at all). This is because we try to make everything easier to remember. Since our minds will work faster if the two are interconnected.

Although there are exceptions, some people have eliminated the security code. Especially the card PIN, which is not recommended. If this happens, anyone will be able to quickly unlock your smartphone, in case you lose it. As long as you have not set a numeric or symbolic unlock pattern, both of which are recommended.

How to change the PIN code on your Xiaomi phone

It’s worth noting that MIUI is one of the best layers and while it doesn’t make it difficult to change the SIM PIN on a Xiaomi phone. It should be more at hand, not so hidden. The security section is a bit confusing, at least if you want to change this code.
This code needs to be more accessible to the end user. You must have access to the settings of your Xiaomi phone. In case you are not yet familiar with this customized version of Android. It is recommended that you follow step by step. The following indications. SIM card security is paramount, so, if you want to go through this process, take steps to create your new PIN. Which will be very important to you.

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Follow the steps below to change the SIM card PIN on your Xiaomi phone:

First step

Access the “Settings” on your Xiaomi phone.

Access the "Settings" on your Xiaomi phone.
Access the “Settings” on your Xiaomi phone.

Second step

Then once inside the Settings, go to the “Passwords and security” section.

go to the "Passwords and security" section.
Go to the “Passwords and security” section.

Third step

After that, press “Privacy”, it is important that you enter this section if you want to hit the SIM PIN change.

After that, press "Privacy"
After that, press “Privacy”

Fourth step

Next, select your operator in particular.

Next, select your operator in particular. change the PIN code of your SIM
Next, select your operator in particular.

Fifth step

Then enable the option “Lock SIM card”. Enter the full number, there are four digits and click on “OK” to confirm.

How to change the PIN code of your SIM card on your Xiaomi phone
How to change the PIN code of your SIM card on your Xiaomi phone

And after this, you will have changed this code, which is essential if you want your SIM card to be protected. This is important in case you lose your phone, no one can access your phone number. Remember it must be secret for everyone except you. Thank you for reading us. Bye!

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