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How to back up Boot Configuration Data in Windows 10.

Hi, how are you? One of the worst scenarios when using the computer is that it does not start. Indeed, it can be disappointing to turn on the computer and have it simply not start. This inconvenience can have many causes. However, one of the most common errors is damage to the Boot Configuration Data or BCD. Additionally, there are several factors that can damage the BCD boot file. For example, when the system does not shut down properly, either due to a power failure or a serious system error. Similarly, a hard disk failure or a virus can also damage the BCD. It is also possible that a defective hardware component may prevent the system from booting properly. In that case, you have to replace it with a new one. Anyway, we’ll see how to back up Boot Configuration Data in Windows 10.

How to create a BCD backup in Windows 10

A very simple way to create a BCD backup is by using Command Prompt. With this in mind, type CMD into the search bar and then launch it with administrator privileges

Launch a CMD with administrator privileges
Launch a CMD with administrator privileges

Then execute the following command:

bcdedit /export E:backup.bcd
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Please remember to replace the letter E with the letter of the unit where the backup will be stored. Also, replace backup with the name you want to assign to the file. Additionally, remember to save the file on a secure drive that you can access in case of a system error.

After pressing Enter, a copy of the BCD will be saved in the selected unit. This way, you can restore it in case of system error.

How to back up BCD using third-party tools

If you don’t feel comfortable using the command line, then you can resort to third party programs. In this case, we will use EasyBCD. This free program allows you to manage the bootloader of your computer. But it is also possible to make backup copies of the BCD. Once downloaded and installed, just click on BCD Backup/Repair. Additionally, the menu is very intuitive since it allows you to manage the backup destination and the file name. On the other hand, the tool also provides the function to restore BCD backups.

Using Easy BCD to Back Up Boot Configuration Data
Using Easy BCD to Back Up Boot Configuration Data

How to repair the BCD if I don’t have a backup

Imagine this scenario: You turn on the computer and the system won’t start. Most likely you have a bad BCD. And if you don’t have a backup, the situation is worse. In that case, just use the tools provided by Windows to repair the corrupted boot file. As a requirement, you must start the system with the Windows 10 boot disk. But instead of installing the system, click on Repair your computer.

Click on Repair your computer
Click on Repair your computer

Then select Troubleshoot

Now click on Command Prompt.

Once inside the CMD, you must execute the following commands:

bootrec /fixmbr: Writes a new MBR

bootrec /fixboot: Writes a new boot sector to the system partition, fixing possible damaged sectors

bootrec /rebuildbcd: Scans all hard drives connected to the computer. Also, if it detects Windows installations on any of them, it adds it to the BCD.

Finally, exit the CMD and reboot the computer. If everything has gone well, then the system will boot normally as the BCD will be restored.


Finally, we have seen how to make a Boot Configuration Data back up in Windows 10. Also, I showed you how to do it with the command line and also with a third party tool. Finally, we detail the method to repair the Windows boot. All right, so far the tutorial. Please check our post about enabling network detection in Windows Server 2019/2016. Please share this post on your social networks. Bye!

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