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How to automatically log on to Windows 10

Hi! Some users find it annoying to have to type in the password every time they start Windows 10. In fact, some would prefer to go directly to the desktop or startup screen. On the other hand, this is a very solid security measure. However, it is meaningless if the computer is at home or in a trusted environment. Security is definitely a vital concern in any operating system. And obviously, Microsoft offers tools to prevent unauthorized access to your system. However, by using the computer in a trusted environment, you can trade security for convenience. So in this post, we’ll see how to automatically log on to Windows 10.

Avoid entering the password when logging into Windows 10.

The process used to set up AutoStart in Windows 10 is similar to that used in previous versions. An important aspect of this configuration is that it is valid for both Microsoft and local accounts. Consequently, the user will be automatically logged in regardless of the account type. As mentioned above, only use this method if you are the only user of the computer. Otherwise, your data and settings will be available to anyone.

Please note that if you use Hello fingerprint or the Windows Hello pin, then you will not be able to use the trick. Therefore, the first thing you have to do is to disable any of these technologies. Well, once these considerations are made, it is time to apply the configuration. With this intention press the Win+R combination to open the run box. Next, type netplwiz and press Enter.

Run the netplwiz command
Run the netplwiz command

Thereupon, a window with several options will be displayed. Please select the Users tab. Then uncheck the box to add user and password for the user the computer.

Disable the option to add username and password to use the computer.
Disable the option to add username and password to use the computer.
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From now on, it is possible to log in automatically in Windows 10.


Finally, e have seen how to automatically log in to Windows 10. This way, users will enjoy a more comfortable and faster way of logging in. As mentioned, it is recommended to do this only on strictly personal computers. Please remember that security comes first. All right, that’s it for now. Before saying goodbye, I invite you to see our post about modifying the look of the folders in Windows 10. So long!

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