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How to activate the Second Space on Xiaomi devices

Xiaomi is a brand recognized for the excellent quality/price ratio of its devices. Besides, their devices have many features that enrich the user experience. One of those features is in the Second Space. So in this post, we will show you how to activate the Second Space on your Xiaomi device.

What is the Second Space?

The Second Space is a feature integrated into the Xiaomi devices that has the Android-based operating system MIUI. This feature will allow you to create an additional user account on your device completely independently. This feature is ideal if you want to share your device with another person. Also if you want to have a second account for more private use you can protect it with a password, pattern and fingerprint.

First step

Open settings go to special features> second space, also easily from the settings browser you can search Second Space. Then press Turn on Second space.

Second activate
Activate Second Space

Second step

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Setting a password for the Second Space.
Now your device will automatically start creating the Second Space. After that, it will ask you to choose a mode to switch between spaces. Select Using a password, then press continue, then press set now. After that confirm the password of your First Space. Then enter the password for the Second Space and press set.

Third step

Setting up the fingerprint.The setup wizard will ask you if you want to configure a fingerprint. Press Set now and confirm the password for your First Space. Remember to set up a different fingerprint than the one you previously set up on your device. If you do not do this it will be changed to the one you have already configured and you will not be able to use it in the first space.

Again, confirm the password of the Second Space. Now place your fingerprint on the sensor. And that’s it, the whole system will load on the home screen and ready for you to use it.

Home Screen
Home Screen

Learning how to use it

To switch between spaces you have 3 options:

  • From the first space go to settings> special features>second space.
  • Through an icon called switch on the home screen.
  • Unlocked the device using the fingerprint corresponding to each space.

In case you want to remove the second space just go from your First Space to Settings> Special features>Second Space. After that press the delete icon located in the upper right corner. Enter the password for your MI account to confirm. This will remove the second space.


Xiaomi has carefully customized this function in the MIUI version. Now you can enjoy the full potential of this feature. For example, in case you want to separate your personal life from your business life, this function is ideal for you. Or you simply want to share your device with someone, this is the most efficient way to do so without any damage to your personal data. That’s all for this time. Bye!

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