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How to activate Pocket Mode on your Android phone

Greetings friends! This time we will tell you about Pocket Mode. An add-on that can help you avoid making accidental calls when you are not using your cell phone. Surely you have seen that many manufacturers have a Pocket Mode option on the latest Android phones. In this post, we are going to show you how to activate pocket mode on your Android phone. Because, although it may not seem like it can be one of the most important features of Android, besides being quite useful. This option is present in custom versions of Android from many manufacturers. Also in the stock version of Android, it is most likely available on most mobile devices. With Pocket Mode, you will avoid accidental calls to other people and other misunderstandings that arise when you unintentionally touch the screen.

Getting to know Pocket Mode

Pocket Mode is a feature that uses your phone’s proximity sensor to prevent accidental activation of your phone while it is in your pocket.
When the phone is in your pocket depending on its position. Just your leg can accidentally activate the fingerprint reader. It can also be activated by double tapping to activate the screen. In case your phone is unlocked, you could accidentally send a text message or call. Depending on who the recipient is, it could be a bit embarrassing.
This can lead to awkward situations that are best avoided. So it’s one of the smartphone features worth knowing about.

How to enable Pocket Mode

Enabling Pocket Mode is as easy as enabling Bluetooth connectivity. As it can be enabled by simply opening your cell phone’s settings and searching for it in the search box or exploring the various settings categories. And depending on the manufacturer and level of customization, it can be found in different places. On some phones, it’s in the lock screen section.

In case you are a Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO user. You can follow the below-detailed guide on how to enable the Pocket Mode option:

First step

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To start with the primary thing is to access the Settings of your Xiaomi, Redmi, or POCO phone.

How to activate Pocket Mode on your Android phone
How to activate Pocket Mode on your Android phone

Second step

Then once you have entered the settings of your device you need to go to the “Display” section.


Third step

After that, swipe down until you find the option of “Always on display & Lock screen” click on this option.

Always on display & Lock screen
Always on display & Lock screen

Fourth step

Finally, all that’s left is to enable the option and you no longer have to worry about making accidental calls.

Pocket mode
Pocket mode

Pocket mode is not always available

A few years ago, it was common for virtually all phones to customization of the Android system. They had this pocket mode among the settings. However, since we could verify the latest models of Poco and Redmi. This model is not available in the settings. Xiaomi may have discarded it because it started using ultrasonic proximity sensors. Which unfortunately are not as effective as traditional sensors.

Since we couldn’t activate it, we tried to recreate accidental touches with the phone in the pocket and there was no case because the phone didn’t turn on. Of course, we performed these tests with the “tap to turn on” feature active. As in MIUI double-tap on the screen to unlock. However, you might not trust your phone to prank you and end up accidentally calling or texting. So, one way to avoid this would be to always keep a screen lock and minimize the time the screen turns off when you’re not using it. Thanks for reading us. Goodbye!

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