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How does EV Code Signing Certificate Prevent Microsoft SmartScreen Warning?

A bug in your mobile application is enough to break your business. Take an example of the ShareIt app, which provides file sharing capabilities and exposes users’ data due to a bug. This is why application developers and software publishers need to have their product’s code signed. If you are an enterprise or organization with a massive user base, an EV code signing certificate becomes crucial.

Extended Validation (EV) code signing certificate enables extensive vetting of application publishers and allows users to authenticate the app before installation. It also helps maintain code integrity and ensure a secure customer experience.

Therefore, here is why you should opt for the EV code signing certificate process for your apps and avoid issues like Microsoft SmartScreen Warning. However, first, let us understand the basics!

What is an EV code-signing certificate?

An EV code signing certificate is a file with a digital signature that signs executables and code scripts to verify the identity of developers or app publishers. Further, having an EV code signed certificate also ensures higher integrity and allows users to verify the authenticity of the application.

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Now that we know what an EV code-signing certificate is, let us understand the problems you may encounter without an EV code signed certificate.

Reasons to choose the EV code signing process.

Several reasons make an EV code-signing certificate the best choice for your organization. From issues of browser-specific requirements of web app security to code integrity, EV code signed certifications help secure your app.

Microsoft SmartScreen Warning

Microsoft SmartScreen warning is a feature of the Edge browser, which alerts users to malicious applications, and software that may affect the system. Therefore, if your application is not secure, users will get a warning sign stating that the application is risky to download and install.

SmartScreen checks the websites and web applications against a dynamic list of different malicious applications. If your web app matches the kind of malicious applications listed in the browser’s list, it will block the installation and warns the user.

An EV code-signing certificate ensures that your applications do not show such warnings during installation. In addition, due to extended validation, this certificate ensures no red flags when Microsoft SmartScreen matches it against the malicious apps in the list.

Code integrity

EV code signing certificate employs advanced cryptographic encryptions to ensure your application code remains intact. In addition, the process of code signing is secure due to the use of Hardware Security Module (HSM) standard devices to store private keys.


Apart from using HSM, which is mailed directly to the signing requestor, the EV code-signing certificate employs a hash function. A process ensures that your app’s code files are secure and cannot be accessed by hackers.

User’s trust

One of the most critical aspects of the business is to have users’ trust. According to Adobe, more than 55% of customers will never give business to a brand that is not trustworthy. An EV code-signing certificate helps with secure application delivery enabling higher user trust for your organization.

An EV code-singing certificate also uses advanced encryption technology with robust hashing algorithms. Therefore, users can trust an app with a code-signing certificate for installation.


Lastly, code-signing certificates are more than just a badge of trust. These certificates come with extensive vetting of your organization, better code integrity, and protection against cyber-attacks. An EV code-signing certificate is precisely what you need to ensure that your organization establishes itself amongst the users as a trustworthy brand.

Therefore, why are you waiting for a data breach or malicious code injection to happen- get your Extended Validation code signing certificate and secure the app!

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