Get the Latest Python on Linux


Python is one of the most popular programming and scripting languages for all purposes. There are a number of tools you are working with that depends on Python. It’s so common and powerful that all the Linux distros come up with a pre-installed version of Python.

Today, let’s have a look at getting the latest version of Python in our Linux distro.

Installing Python

There are 2 available ways you can get Python – from the repo of the distro and building from the source. Some distros like Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora etc. comes up with Python in their software repository. In the case of others, it’s the best to install Python from source.

Installing from distro repository

Run the following commands according to your Linux distro –

  • Ubuntu

  • Debian

  • OpenSUSE

  • Fedora

  • Arch Linux

Installing Python from source

At first, make sure that your system has all the required dependencies to build Python from source –

  • Ubuntu



  • Debian

  • OpenSUSE

  • CentOS

Now, download the latest source package of Python –

Extract the archive –

Build the source –

Install the package –

Testing Python

Depending on the version you installed, run the following command(s) to verify that Python is available system-wide.

Voila! Python is installed successfully!

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