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Fedora 29 Released

Fedora is one of the most popular Linux distros. It’s almost about the 15th birthday of Fedora. The first release of Fedora was back in 2003. It has already come a long way to make its path into many platforms including personal computers and servers. Fedora always offers the latest bleeding-edge technology directly to the users.

In the birthday of Fedora, the greatest present is Fedora itself with the latest release – Fedora 29. This one, in particular, is of great excitement as a number of new features come up in this release.

Fedora is the testing lab of RHEL as Red Hat brings the latest and newest features to Fedora first, then integrates into their industry-leading RHEL.

New features

Here is a short of all the new features that are coming to Fedora 29.

  • GNOME 3.30 – Fedora 29 comes up with the latest version of GNOME (v3.30). It offers its own set of changes and features.
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  • Fedora Modularity – This is the most exciting feature of the latest Fedora release. It allows shipping various packages over the same base of Fedora. Now, users don’t have to upgrade the entire OS. For example, users can now select Node.js v8 or v10 or, choose between the versions of Kubernetes matching OopenShift Origin etc.

  • Silverblue variant – Fedora 29 is the first release of Silverblue variant. This is now the new face of Fedora Atomic Workstation from Project Atomic. It focuses on the container-based workflows and targets the devs explicitly.

Get Fedora

Fedora 29 is the latest stable version of Fedora. Get Fedora 29 now!

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