Different Ubuntu Desktop Environments

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Ubuntu is one of the best Linux distros out there that’s so popular for its user-friendliness and simplicity. There are also a number of other distros that are based on Ubuntu. The desktop environment is what gives any distro unique and awesome look and feel. Ubuntu is no different with the number of supported desktop environments. The classic Ubuntu uses GNOME desktop environment now whereas there’re other Ubuntu flavors like Xubuntu (Ubuntu with XFCE), Lubuntu (Ubuntu with LXQt), Eubuntu, Kubuntu (Ubuntu with KDE Plasma), Ubuntu MATE (Ubuntu with MATE) and others.

It’s possible that you can get all the Ubuntu desktop environments on any of the Ubuntu you want to, just like piling all your favorite themes in one place. Today, let’s get a look at getting all the desktop environments for our current Ubuntu!

Different desktop environments

Note that there are a number of desktop environments available for Ubuntu and all of them should work with little to no problem at all. The reason there are a number of Ubuntu flavors is, each desktop environment has its own impact on the system. Whenever you install a few of them together, it may eventually cause into some pretty chaotic interface and system issues.

That’s why if you’re planning to completely switch to a different desktop environment, you should go ahead with its dedicated distro for the best result.

Getting desktop environments

There are a number of desktop environments for Ubuntu. Run the following command(s) to get your required desktop environment.

  • Xfce

  • LXQt

  • KDE Plasma

  • MATE

  • Budgie

After the installation is complete, restart your system and choose your desktop environment from the startup option.

Voila! Enjoy your favorite desktop environments with style!

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