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Blender 2.90 available

For users dedicated to the 3D animation and graphics creation suite. Blender is the open-source 3D modeling software (and more). The developers announce the release of Blender 2.90, with new features, tools, and capabilities.

In addition to performance enhancements, fit with the workflow. Based on the success of the serious 2.8x, Blender 2.90 continues to refine the user experience. Also, this version includes improvements in EEVEE, cycles, sculptures, VR, and much more.

What’s new in Blender 2.90

  • Sharing with NVIDIA OptiX is now available for all NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs and more, where previously they only worked on RTX GPUs.
  • Redesigned Automasking.
  • Improved elegant brush.
  • The new incorporation of “Texture based on physics” with the purpose of “Simulator of the colors of the sky” is called Nishita.
  • The blurring of the movements with EEVEE, rewritten from scratch. Blender has reported that the rewrite, allows adding support for “Mesh deformation, hair, and subframe accumulation to improve accuracy”.
  • New NVIDIA NVLINK support for CUDA and OptiX.

So, if want more information on updates to the latest version of Blender, read the release notes


The last version Blender 2.90, brings important updates, such as performance improvement. Where users get new tools, features, and additions.

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On the contrary, Blender 2.90 includes several changes, so some of them are profound. So it is recommended to read the official announcement.

Similarly, this new version continues to polish, so that users get a better experience. With the introduction of EEVEE, cycles, virtual reality, and many more.

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