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Best programs to view all Wi-Fi networks information on Windows

Hello! Nowadays, one of the main concerns of Internet users is security. Indeed, when it comes to connecting to the Internet, typically, for convenience and mobility, we opt for Wi-Fi networks. However, one of the concerns of users is that cybercriminals access their Wi-Fi network. As a result, we can suffer from bandwidth theft. Additionally, we may suffer from theft of our confidential information. On the other hand, if a crime is committed from our connection, we will be the first ones to be held accountable. Consequently, today, we are going to know the best programs to manage Wi-Fi networks on Windows.

Recommended programs to manage the Wi-Fi networkS on Windows.

The purpose of this type of program is to visualize all the Wi-Fi networks around us. Thanks to them, we will be able to monitor all nearby wireless networks. Additionally, we will be able to collect specific data. For example, what Wi-Fi networks there are, on what Wi-Fi channels they are broadcasting, the type of security they use and if we have interference with neighboring networks. We can even see how many clients we have connected to the different wireless networks around us. Here, we will detail the best programs to manage Wi-Fi network on Windows.

Acrylic WiFi Home

Acrylic WiFi Home is one of the best programs we can use to visualize Wi-Fi networks. We base this statement on the fact that it has a fully functional free version. This tool is compatible with the latest Microsoft Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and Windows 11.

The free version of the program is called Acrylic Wi-Fi Home. The tool offers a Wi-Fi scanner that displays Wi-Fi information in real time. It also scores our network, identifies channel problems, checks coverage and improves the performance of our home Wi-Fi network. Among its main functions, we can find:

  • Viewer of Wi-Fi networks in which Wi-Fi 6 networks with the 802.11ax standard are distinguished.
  • View of Wi-Fi channels in 2.4GHz and 5GHz.
  • Analyzes the distribution of networks by Wi-Fi channels.
  • Provides graphs of signal level and power of our wireless networks.
  • Visualize the access points around you as well as devices such as smartphones, laptops and more.
  • We will get information about nearby APs regarding their signal strength, channels, encryption and more.
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Acrylic Wi-Fi Home is available here. However, a professional version is available for just under $22. If you are going to use the tool a lot, then this is the version for you because of the large number of features it offers.

WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is a program that has been developed for home users. For this reason, we find an ideal tool for users with little experience in scanning Wi-Fi networks. This program is responsible for analyzing our network and convert them into data visually easy to understand which also includes graphs. For example, it can suggest which channel we should use to reduce interference. Thanks to the way it works, we can find the best channel and detailed information about our router.

This tool simply offers an analyzer for wireless networks. In its basic version, it comes free of advertising, and we have everything we need to analyze Wi-Fi networks. On the other hand, it should be noted that it has a Pro version with more features. The program requires at least Windows 10 and can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store from here.


Another program for managing Wi-Fi networks is Vistumbler. In effect, we could describe it as a wireless network scanner. Moreover, it is a free open-source program for Windows. The minimum we need is Windows Vista with a Wi-Fi adapter, so we can use it also on older computers. The objective of this program is to map and visualize the routers and access points that we have neared us.

Thanks to Vistumbler, we will know important information such as network status, SSID, MAC address, signal strength, channel number and more. It also has a GPS support feature that allows it to integrate with Google Earth to display Wi-Fi networks. It does this in two ways:

  • With the export of GPS locations of access points to a Google Earth KML file.
  • Allowing live tracking from Google Earth thanks to Auto KML. This way it automatically displays the access points and routers in Google Earth.

In this case, it should be noted that it is not an easy program to use due to its interface and complexity of options.


Thanks to the inSSIDer tool, we will be able to know exactly how our network is configured. We will also find out how neighboring Wi-Fi networks are affecting ours. Additionally, it offers suggestions for a faster and more secure wireless network. This program shows us the essential details about our Wi-Fi connection, including channel, channel width, signal strength. We will also be able to know the Wi-Fi standards supported, the maximum connection speed and its encryption.

inSSIDer is a very fascinating tool, but it is more oriented towards the professional field than for home users. It also uses graphics that show the devices connected to the 2.4GHz and 5GHz band. Once the networks have been analyzed, it will provide us with a score for our connection. The result will be that the higher the score, the more reliable it is. inSSIDer can be downloaded from the developer’s website metageek from this link.

Free WiFi Analyzer Tool

Free WiFi Analyzer Tool turns your Windows 10 computer into an analyzer for your wireless network. Regarding viewing, it allows 3D and 2D visualization in some of its sections. It also allows managing Wi-Fi networks, discovering any Wi-Fi signal around us. Thus, we will be able to make a classification of Wi-Fi filtering, sorting and grouping the available networks in addition to being able to switch between different networks instantly.

It also provides detailed information on each Wi-Fi access point. In addition, it can find the least used channels so that we can assign them to our router. It also allows us to control our network traffic and offers system notifications when a connection or disconnection occurs. As for the interface, we can choose between a white or black theme. This program is paid, but occasionally, it is offered for free.

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