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Best online PDF editing software

Hello! PDF files are becoming more and more common on our computer. But editing them is not an easy task. Indeed, you need specialized software to do so. Consequently, today, we bring you the Best online PDF editing software.

Some thoughts on PDFs

Before we go any further, let’s review a bit of history. PDFs are portable document files that were initially developed by Adobe Systems in 1993. They were later released as open standards starting in 2008. With this file format, we can represent all types of documents on our computer. In addition, it is fully compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems.

These files can incorporate graphics, text, forms, signatures, etc. They can even include multimedia elements such as audio and video, include bookmarks and link to web pages. Perhaps their most important feature is that they never lose their shape. It doesn’t matter if you download them from a website, or if they are sent to other people.

How the ideal PDF editor should work

On the other hand, there are many alternatives for managing PDF elements. Some are paid and some are free. If we test randomly, we will see that most of them have the same functions. Moreover, these functions are elementary and basic. In fact, they only allow you to edit the document in a very superficial way. Maybe add some comments, but not much more. When editing these documents, we are looking for a variety of tools. Once opened, the ideal is to have complete control over it. That is, we should be able to move it, edit it, delete it or add new elements. We should also be able to sort the pages of the PDF. We should also be able to delete unnecessary pages.

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Another feature that is very popular with users is the ability to merge several documents into one. On the other hand, it is desirable to be able to convert a document to a different format while maintaining and respecting its original structure. It is also important that the program can open all types of documents. Even if they are protected or digitally signed. Otherwise, we are screwed. Unfortunately, the programs that meet these requirements are paid. However, we will take a look at all the possibilities.

Editing PDF from the web browser

It may happen that we cannot install any program on the computer. Or we simply do not want to. Then the solution is to resort to web applications. This is the way to perform editing tasks quickly, easily and completely free of charge without having to install anything at all. We will certainly be able to edit PDF documents online and free. The only requirement is to have an internet connection.

This is certainly a convenient way as it is not necessary to download any software. It is enough to upload the document to the chosen platform. We will then proceed to make the modifications. At this point, a word of caution is in order. Indeed, we must be careful with the content we upload. The reason is that we are giving our content to a third-party company. Although they promise to remove it, we do not have full confidence that this will be the case. Therefore, let’s be careful. Let’s see some online PDF editing software.


It is an online PDF editor that can be used from any web browser. Using it we can add text to our documents, as well as annotations. It also has highlighting tools and shape tools such as rectangles, circles, lines, and arrows. Additionally, it allows you to use a pencil to mark certain elements of the document. It is certainly something very useful. It is compatible with image formats such as JPG, SVG or PNG, among others. In addition, we can rearrange the pages of a PDF, changing their order and adding new pages. The best thing about this tool is that it is totally free. In fact, all you have to do is go to their website.

Smallpdf Online PDF Editor

This application is a PDF editor with which we can edit files online from any browser. Its features allow you to compress, convert, merge, edit and sign PDF documents easily and quickly. It also has a minimalist interface. The tool works 100% in the cloud, so you can access the editor from anywhere. Therefore, it does not consume resources of our pc. Simply drag and drop the PDF to be able to add images, text or draw on it. This service takes security very seriously. Indeed, both the website and the file transfer are SSL encrypted. Just access their website to start editing your PDF files. Additionally, it has an extension for Google Chrome.

PDF Buddy

This tool works like the previous ones. Only that we can also complete forms, add signatures, whitening and highlighting. In the same way, everything is done online. To guarantee our privacy, it uses AES-256 bit encryption so that our files will always be protected. PDF Buddy is a free tool that we can use by accessing its web page. The free version limits editing to 3 files per month. The unlimited premium service costs $7.99 per month.


Although this option behaves like the previous ones, it also has a different touch. Indeed, we can upload files from the local storage. However, we can also upload from a cloud service. Indeed, PdfFiller is compatible with services such as DropBox, Google Drive or Box. We can also indicate a URL address containing a PDF file to edit it. Once the editing is finished, we can share the file or print it

This tool is based on online work. Additionally, it has apps for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS. We can also edit other file formats. For example, JPG, PNG, DOC, etc. Just go to the website and check the available options.

All right, ultimately, we have seen the Best online PDF editing software Indeed, we have focused on those web applications that allow you to edit a PDF file online. In this way, there is no need to install any additional software. Definitely a good option to quickly solve a problem. Bye!


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