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The Best Media Streaming Devices of 2018

There are so many options for streaming video and music content, there is literally more content being added every day. Whether you are a cable cutter or someone that enjoys visual content that is not available with your cable or satellite provider, this is a great time to get a streaming device for your television.

In this review, we are going to count down the best streaming devices for your TV. I will also outline the Pros and Cons of each device, so you can cite which streaming device will work best for you!

Google Chromecast Ultra

chromecastThe new Chromecast ultra which is the latest most expensive Chromecast made by Google. Essentially it lets you stream video and music to your TV. The differences between the Chromecast ultra and the regular Chromecast are pretty simple! The most notable difference is that the Chromecast ultra supports 4k resolution Ultra HD whereas the regular Chromecast only does 1080p.

The Chromecast Ultra also supports HDR (High Dynamic range) whereas the Chromecast regular does not. But I should note that you don’t need an HDR TV to use the Chromecast ultra. The Chromecast Ultra actually has a wired Ethernet port. So it supports both Wi-Fi wireless and wired connection to the internet.

Nvidia Shield

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NVidia shieldThe NVidia Shield is the least expensive device on this list at around $199. It features the usual apps like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. Gamers will also like it because of courtesy of GeForce now, which is an additional cost. Its processors are also really fast. It is 10 times faster than the Roku 4 and 3 times faster than the Apple TV. Its cost will keep many from buying this streaming device.

Apple TV

apple tvThis is a very good device for those that live in the Apple ecosystem and purchase a lot of content from iTunes. The latest version includes Siri for easier searching. It has support for most of the major streaming services. The Apple TV costs more than similar devices at around $150, but for some Apple users, the Apple TV would be worth the additional cost.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

amazon fire stickIt costs around $40, which makes this the least expensive option on our list. It includes Alexa which is Amazon’s voice-controlled assistant which is useful so you don’t have to type in search queries all the time. The downside to the amazon fire TV stick is the limited app selection as compared to Roku. Also, the interface can’t be customized as much as most of the other streaming devices.

Roku Streaming Stick

It’s a more affordable option for most at $50. You get the same access as the Roku Boxes to the huge selection of apps and channels. Its interface is very responsive and the portability is a great plus. The only downside is that it’s not as responsive as the top of the line boxes from Roku, but it is still very fast.

Roku Ultra

The best streaming device is the Roku ultra. You can’t really go wrong with any of the several Roku devices on the market. The Roku ultra tops our list because it offers 4k and HDR. It also features a headphone jack that is built into the remote control. Its powerful processor will have you flying through its user interface. Roku features a vast library of channels which can be overwhelming to new users. The Roku ultra will cost you around $129.

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