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Best Free Screen Recording Software in 2018

Of all the free screen recording software available which include Fraps, Ezvid, Flashback, Electa among many others out there, I can’t recommend them to you because they either lack functionality unless you purchase their paid version, limited recording time, watermarks or are only usable within certain program windows.

Soo in this review, I can only recommend 5 free screen recorders and the second one is on shaky ground due to its recent history.

Ice-cream Screen Recorder

This is a pretty good screen recorder if you guys are looking into recording your desktop screen and maybe for looking and doing tutorials.

Ice-cream screen recorder is pretty decent. The only con I can see about this screen recorder is that you do have a time limit of 10 minutes which I find extremely reasonable.

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10 minutes is extremely fine for a screen recorder because it’s not like you’re going to record longer than that and if you want to record more, you just stop recording, record again and merge the clips together. Ice-cream recorder is pretty damn good and it’s good for beginners too.

CamStudio – Screen Recorder

camstudioIt is an open source software that has been around since 2001. Its recent history is little rocky between January of 2014 and March of 2016. CamStudio had been flagged for malicious code, malware, and potential viruses.

Nick Smith who oversees CamStudio insists that the program was clean and that they had chosen to use an ad-supported installer offering additional software to help finance future development.

As of March 2016, CamStudio no longer offers third-party software. So, the software is now back to being clean like it was prior to 2014. To install CamStudio, it’s a pretty easy installation!

ISpring Free Cam

ispring screen recorderWhat’s great about it is there’s no time limit. Depending on which software you use, they can give you anywhere from 30 seconds to 10 minutes and so on and so forth and sometimes that just isn’t long enough. It records in the proper format but you may as well use a converter tool.

I’m not aware of any paid version also. It has no watermarks. It’s just so darn simple and easy to use

Once you get on their homepage, you’ll want to enter in your email. It could be either real or fake! It doesn’t matter and just clicks on free download.

Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

obsThis is a really good program for recording gameplay. You can also record desktop. You guys are probably thinking, isn’t OBS for Streamers? Yes and No! OBS can also record gameplay which a lot of people use and I find it really neat

Nvidia shadowplay

nvidia shadowplayNvidia shadowplay is also a very good alternative to OBS if you’re looking to record your gameplay. You must have a Nvidia GeForce Experience to use this. If you don’t, that’s ok, just use OBS. It’s a pretty neat user interface and easy to use


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  1. Acethinker Free Screen Recorder is also a simple and reliable screen recording tool. I have been using it for months now and I had no issues with. You may give it a try and perhaps include it in your list!


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