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Best Educational Linux Distros in 2022

What even is a Linux Distro?

Linux is an open-source operating system that is compatible with all sorts of devices – from smartphones to supercomputers. With similar systems like Microsoft and Mac OS, users have to choose from one of the pre-programmed OS versions that those companies offer.

Linux is fundamentally different. Its OS is not produced by a single company. Instead, different programmers and developers can work on different parts of the program; think – A software version of Wikipedia. This allows for a high level of personalization and variety, as users can choose an OS version that fits them best from a wide array of alternatives.

Too much choice can confuse and overwhelm new users, which is why we did the sorting for you and came up with the five best educational Linux Distros available in 2022.


Ubuntu needs no introduction. It is one of the most widely used distros that turned out so popular that it spawned its own branch of similar distros like Lubuntu and Ubuntu studio. This distro is highly user-friendly, intuitive to navigate for beginners, and elegant in its interface design. Minimalistic and easy-to-use, Ubuntu proves that beauty is in simplicity!

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It also comes with a lot of student-oriented go-to productivity apps pre-installed in its default version. These include apps like document scanner, PyCharm, and atom, among others.


UberMix is a distro that is specially tailored to learners. It comes pre-installed with an ideal set of applications meant for productivity and creative use. UberMix is very easy to install and operate, making it even more attractive to overworked students. It offers task management tools, document creators & editors, code-learning software, and many other student-friendly programs as default.

    Elementary OS

Elementary OS is another Ubuntu derivative. Getting used to a whole new operating system isn’t as easy as hiring paper writing services to do your essays; no one is going to do it for you. Elementary OS, as suggested by the name, it is the easiest of distros meant to help newcomers transition and adjust to the Linux ecosystem. It even emulates some features and controls from Mac OS and Microsoft to help beginners easily acclimate to the new environment.

Students, of all people, may not have time to figure out the inner workings of a complicated operating system and can appreciate the simplicity of use. Elementary OS allows new users to skip the growing pains of getting used to a new system and allows them to get straight down to business!

   Zorin Linux

Inspired by our good old friend Ubuntu, Zorin Linux is a distro designed with students in mind. It is a direct competitor of Windows and macOS systems and, as such, features a familiar interface, offering a similar but enhanced experience. Students will have no trouble transitioning from Windows or mac to this OS.

If you are new to Linux, Zorin is your best choice for quickly getting up to speed in unfamiliar territory. Speaking of, if essay writing is your unfamiliar territory, consider enlisting the help of professionals – writing paper for money online. They are ready around the clock to hook you up with quality work in a short turnaround time.

   Bottom line

Linux is a software of choice for people who do not wish to settle for the mainstream and want their operating systems to answer their custom preferences. Linux distros allow users to create or modify their OS or choose the one that best fits their needs. We hope our list helps you sort through the options and narrow in on your perfect distro.

Joanne Elliot is a writer and an amateur web developer. She likes to combine two of her passions and frequently writes about tech-related topics. Her writing is greatly appreciated by younger audiences who get inspiration and knowledgeable advice from her work.

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